A Moment In Time #1

Hi everyone! How are you? ❤ Today I thought I’d start a series that I’ve been thinking of getting into for a while now where I write a passage about a moment in time so as to live more in it and fully take in my surroundings. Yesterday I took out my notebook in the afternoon and just relaxed back with it letting the words flow and not forcing anything and I’ve been eager to post it since. In future posts to this series I won’t have an introduction I will just jump into it so here we go!


At this moment in time I am snuggled up in my chair in the sitting room clutching a heat pad to my neck. We planned on going bowling today but I woke up with this flare-up so it’s been put on hold until Wednesday. I can smell paint because my sister has gotten a new yoga mat that has different stances stencilled onto it in black ink, it’s a neat idea. It encourages you to think that all you need is the mat and yourself as it instructs you on what to do.

Every so often I can hear my fish (Lemonhope, Bagginses, Terence and Coraline) splash in their bowl 🐠. A jug of tulips has been carefully placed beside them and they must want nothing more than to get at it, knock it over and swim in-between the stems. I keep forgetting about my neck as the heat from the pad numbs it, I move and a sharp pain shoots to my head like its telling me off.

Our smallest dog, Toby, is scratching at the door to be let into the room (he always gets his own introduction on here doesn’t he? I’d get a doggy slap if he heard me calling him small though he’s a headstrong pup forever wanting to perfect his fetching technique and not batting an eyelid when the toy hits upon his head 😂). He seems to have gotten this trait of knocking on doors from our old dog Heidi who passed away in 2014…although he never met her 🤔😂 Ruby our lab is in the hallway stretched out in her bed snoring contentedly oblivious to Toby’s active lifestyle 😂 She wags her tail whenever I leave the room and I always make a detour round to give her a hug. Toby has run in, scanned the room and decided that no toys are to his liking, he wants me to let him out of the room again (this is a regular occurrence 🙄😂).

Outside it is light but there is no sun. On these days there are no clouds and it’s alright until you look up and remember nothing’s there to keep your attention but a vast emptiness. If the rain we’ve been getting comes from clouds where are they? Maybe the sky is one big white puffy cloud hanging over us all and we just can’t see it. When it gets dark it will burst and the rain will come pouring down once again but we won’t see that either because we’ll be asleep.

I love my chair because it allows me to see the best part of the front garden where in the evenings if I’m lucky the sun will set casting a golden glow upon the grass. If a day is nothing after having no choice but to stay here it is at these times that it feels worth it and like I’m supposed to be here to bear witness to such a beautiful moment.

Thank you for reading! 😉 I found it therapeutic to write about some of the thoughts running through my mind in a part of time. I kept drifting away from the moment to other times and daydreaming but I’m beginning to realize that sometimes that’s inevitable and doesn’t have to always be a bad thing 🌟 I hope you’re having a lovely day! ❤


  1. Great idea for a series🙂 you got a good post and it was therapeutic for you which is a double win!
    And our pets always find ways to sneak into our writing it seems lol

    Liked by 1 person

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