Bomb Cosmetics: Cooltide bath blaster review!

Hi everyone! How are you? And how is the weather where you are? No I’m not conforming to a British stereotype in order to start a polite conversation I truly want to know that you’re safe against the beast from the East! ❤😂 (Don’t worry I got all of my update about the snow out of my system in my last post! 😌🙌😂). Today I’m going to be reviewing the Cooltide bath blaster by Bomb Cosmetics! This bomb was pretty festive so I had no problem using it after Christmas as I was still weaning myself out of the occasion and now that it’s snowing I feel justified in posting it! 😂 I originally decided to pop it in the bath because I was having a bad lot of flare ups, one of which was reflux which unsettled my chest so I thought a warm bath featuring this bomb would work wonders in both taking my mind off the pain and bringing up my spirits, I wasn’t wrong and hopefully this review will show you why so here we go!


The bomb oozed various spices (ginger and cinnamon) reminding me of a minced pie! 😋😂 Underneath there was a hint of talcum powder that toned down what could have otherwise been an overpowering combination of spices and so it all worked well together!


It looked like a snowball and had slight indentations over it’s surface. A delicate layer of golden stars and tiny globes were scattered over it’s exterior and on closer inspection I saw that the stars ran faintly the whole way through the inside of the bomb too! Resting neatly on top a swirl of shea butter was a cute little detailed Christmas pudding that at the same time looked edible yet not for safety reasons! 😂

Upon being dropped into the bath the bomb was true to it’s name and BLASTED turning the water into a clear gel and sending the stars in all directions like a clear bright galaxy 🌟 The Christmas pudding melted into what looked like a coin 💰 (not so edible looking anymore! 😂).


The water was softened and made silky and smooth by the addition of the bomb and the stars spread out clinging to any surface that they could (almost like the Flock Star bomb with the blue glitter but much more difficult to remove! 😂). This made for an extremely relaxing and aesthetically pleasing experience. My usually dry skin felt instantly hydrated and smooth.


This bomb was so magical! 😍 The perfume was more dominant in the moment and didn’t linger afterwards whereas the benefits it provided skinwise lasted for days. It was unique from the gingerbread man bath bomb (which also had cinnamon and ginger in it) in that there were no horrible side effects to it! 😄 Although it did have one bad thing about it: the golden stars are still completely trying to disappear! 😂 You would think or rather hope they would dissolve sooner compared to a month later! 😂 I ended up having to remove them myself from both my skin and the bath 😳 Stars are lucky they’re pretty things or else I would have gone mad by now everytime I find one! (I’d much rather be taken by surprise in finding a melted down mini mince pie in the form of a coin! 💰😂). I would recommend this bomb to everyone and anyone, especially those still missing Christmas like me! 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have you tried this bomb before? Did you like it? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤


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