Snow Update! ❄ March 2018

Hi everyone! How are you? ❤ Today I thought I’d share a little snow update with you! I realized this would be too long to add to the start of a post relating to a completely different subject and so decided to make it it’s own thing! 😂 Where do I begin? Well for starters the snow is starting to melt with the help of rain!! 😆 (This weather is WEIRD! It’s like the usually warm months are trying to prove a point).

The snow melting is good in that it’s getting less cold; we will no longer be trapped especially now that a man came round yesterday and kindly offered to plough our drive for us! (although we still can’t make it up the road we are going to try after another bout of rain that usually comes at night); and that we are moving away from the risk of the water pipes freezing again leaving us without heating and water, but it’s also bad because now the floods are on their way 😓 The water will rise in the well and travel up towards our house bringing with it all the water that has left the house (including the dreaded toilet water! 😫). It’s times like these that I hate living in the countryside in the middle of bloody nowhere (its almost up there with the constant fear of being burgled, almost! 😂).

Oh spring, you feel so far away! 😦 Our part of ireland has been reported as being one of the/if not the worst in the country with a red warning that doesn’t seem to want to go away. Photos I’ve seen of the town’s/village’s closest to me are unrecognizable. Loaded with snow that I know for my local town will cause a massive flood when it melts like it has done in the past wrecking homes and shops making them inhabitable to this day (the shops that were closed down through loss have now changed hands with other retailers so it’s an ever-changing place because of the damage done to it). People had to be saved from their homes by boats floating down what once were roads and you can only hope it doesn’t come to that again.

The other night I heard a loud band as an avalanche of snow fell off our roof (there was probably a mouse in the attic who took a wrong step and whispered: “do you think they heard that?” 😂). I’m happy that some of the snow is off the roof now as when it has completely melted there’s less chance of it leaking into the house (especially through that crack in the ceiling I told you the worst of the snow made the other day 😬).

There’s a part of me that wants to be out in the snow enjoying it but I’m not allowed to as it will affect all areas of my health so it would be a silly idea I know 🙄 I can’t find my gloves anyway! 😂 The other part of me that wants to stay cosy inside in the now warm house (what with the pipes defrosting allowing us to use the heating 😌) is also the moaning part that wants spring now that the thrill of being cosy doesn’t involve a hot chocolate because we’ve run out!! 😱Worse still, I’ve eaten all of the Nutella! 😰 Fingers crossed (and toes! Can anyone else do that too? 😂 No?….okay forget I said it) that we can get out to stock up on food soon! I need some fruit in my life again 🙌😂

Like I said in my last post, I’m praying for and hoping that all of the people not yet in homeless shelters and those in shelters already are safe ❤ If the weather is affecting you badly too, stay safe, keep warm and if you can and want to enjoy the snow I hope you are having a marvelous time out there in it! ⛄

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have a lovely day! ❤


    1. Glad to hear that it’s gone down now for you. It definitely would have, the first couple of days it snowed for us were so much fun even though I didn’t go out in it I loved calling it a snow day and just lounging around in double dressing gowns 😂❤

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