Spring room decor! 🌸 2018

Hi everyone! How are you today? I hope you’re well! ❤ In the never-ending process of tidying my room I have recently added some Spring touches and got all excited for a little photo shoot! 😂 This isn’t a haul as apart for the first thing on this list everything else isn’t new/has been mentioned before but it is the first time the majority of all of these ornaments are being showcased in my room whilst not hidden by anything else so they feel new! 😂 I feel like they are bringing life back into my room and accompanying the fresh slate that comes along every springtime that I wrote of HERE and so I can’t wait to share them with you!

Fake plant terrarium 🌱

I got this fake plant ornament the day before yesterday in Tkmaxx after wanting a fake plant but not knowing what style I should go for! I was at first unsure whether I should get it or not even though I love it but then I was told I should treat myself for having not been out of the house in ages due to flare-ups which sadly persisted and are still present now. It was €22 and I’d say that is mostly for the glass as it is a heavy object. I’m really happy I got it now as it’s a relaxing feature to have on my desk whilst I study and brings a bit of the outdoors inside! (Even though it’s a fake plant 😐 you know what I mean! 😂) This goes well with all of the wooden furniture in my room.

Branch Jewellery holder

I’ve had this jewellery stand for years. It was a gift from my aunt who let me choose it off Asos knowing that I didn’t shop online at the time and still don’t (although I’m thinking of getting a few things off of a clothes site). Its been stored away for some time until recently I thought how well it would accentuate the height of my desk alongside bookends instead of there being blank space and so I got it out, removed everything off it (because I didn’t pack it away properly and take the stuff off it 😂) and put it on display. I have decided to keep the branches bare of bracelets/necklaces as I want it to look completely different from how it used to be (not packed and weighed down! 😂) but I will still fill the bowl at the bottom with earings/rings. It is placed on one end of the top shelf of my desk, on the other end is the fake plant encased in gold rim and so they compliment each other well in being similar colours.

Antique style mosaic lamp

This is the mosaic lamp that I got for Christmas HERE that I showed you boxed up before I put it together! It casts a beautifully eery glow not only on the desk surface it is on but around the room which is very calming. I’m so pleased with it and thought I’d add it to this list as it’s up just in time for Spring!

Heart shaped padded Notice board

I received this notice board as a gift from my homeschool tutor back when I got my leaving cert results! It’s so dainty and pretty that up until now I’ve left it empty of notes 🙈😂 This year I’m going to change that by sliding positive/motivational quotes into it!

3 Flower canvases

My sister got me these 3 flower canvases when she decorated a corner of my room for my 16th birthday and I love them! Whenever I look over at them from my bed the last one catches my attention as from that angle it tricks me into believing it is 3D and coming out of the canvas.

Bird cake/storage tin

I got this intricately patterned tin from TKmaxx last year and planned on keeping study flashcards in it when I thought I would be going out to college. I got as far as stashing a fair amount of empty cards in there before forgetting about them and then when I could no longer continue with the courses and had to instead start my home one they got left in there even though I still could have used them 🤔 I think I lost the motivation behind the idea as realizing I couldn’t get out to college did and still does knock my confidence and so I didn’t see the point of fancy flashcards at the time 😂 Now I’ve found them again I’ll use them but I think the tin will go towards someone else (until I figure out what that something else is I will put it up on a shelf though which is why I thought I’d include it on this post! 😂).

Hexagon quote wall plaque

This “Follow your Dreams” plaque was a gift from my tutor/friend that I remember mentioning I received back in June when I was surprised with it on a day in the life post HERE! (Time goes by so fast 🙁). The first photo of the plaque is where I have placed it now opposite where it was in the bottom photo (that I thought I’d include anyway as I’m bloody indecisive! 😂). In the end I thought it should have it’s own wall away from the fake plant as they are both very similar designs so I wanted to spread that out and now it at least looks like there’s some sort of correlation of design going on in my room! (The only thing every corner of my room has in common at the moment is mess! 😂).

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have you added any seasonal touches to your room? Let me know and have a beautiful day!


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