If we were “having” coffee #4 ☕

Hi everyone! I hope you’re well ❤ It’s time for another of our chats where we bare our souls whilst desperately trying to hide the fact that I don’t like the taste of coffee and am quite intent in just smelling it! 😂 This time our meet up is not taking place in our usual haunt, it is deep in the belly of a cave…a cave cafe! (I would LOVE if a place like this existed! Does it? Well it exists for the purpose of our chat!).

I have for once come prepared with a flask of hot chocolate which for the time being is hidden (how on earth did I get myself into this mess and become obsessed with smelling coffee and hiding it as “having” coffee so as to be let into the likes of the cave cafe? More to the point how did you let it get this far!? 😂). I realize that in here it will be much harder to hide the fact that I’m not actually “having” coffee because our voices echo and bounce back off the walls towards the person serving us but this just makes a mundanely fun thing all the more adventurous! The cave has shadows dancing up the walls and a ceiling higher than the eye can see. A solitary table has been arranged with a thick grey woolen cloth that blends in well being surrounded by darkness. We are “having” coffee in this mysterious cave cafe and…..

I would want to know how you are and what you’ve been up to lately?

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that yesterday I finally completed an assignment for my Bookkeeping and accounts home course that I had been stuck on for a some time as the last long question had a variety of ways to get round to the answer shown but they were all missing something and then I realized the correct answer had been the first one I’d drafted all along and I should’ve just left it! 😑 It was put in the post this morning and is on it’s way for correction so fingers crossed! I am now onto an assignment that doesn’t have to be sent off (as I only have to do that for every second one).

If we were “having” coffee I would ask you what the strangest place you’ve ever visited is? And then I’d let you in on what the inspiration for the cave cafe was!….wonderful memories of going to Cheddar Gorge back in 2011! which doesn’t have a cave cafe but is the only time I’ve ever been let loose in a cave before! 😂

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that I’ve been in an odd mood lately but I can’t figure out why. I’m not feeling madly down, I can’t explain it and I feel like crying. My mind has been blank for a while now feeling disconnected and I’ve taken it as worse than usual chronic fatigue because on top of it I haven’t been sleeping well. When I really think about what it could be I guess it’s one of those times when reality sets in and I am fed up with it all because reality feels empty and isolated. It’s like there’s something I should tell everyone but I can’t put my finger on what it is whenever I’m asked what’s wrong. It’s a rare occurrence so maybe it’s hit that bit harder judging by how surreal it feels.

If we were “having” coffee I would ask you what was the last thing you did for yourself? (Ignoring things that you have to do anyway like sleeping/eating).

If we were “having” coffee I would mention that I’ve been researching the Open University a lot lately. It’s a considered route as there aren’t many options for home courses and I know someone who studied with them before and is now a lecturer like she wanted to be and so it’s a promising option for after I finish my Bookkeeping and accounts. I am not at all completely sure what direction I want to go down and so I’m going to be looking around for a while now though as Open University is too pricey to make a mistake.

I see people I used to know moving on in life and of course it upsets me wishing I could do that too but in the moments I spend time with them I’m inspired to do the same and then the reality hits that I think is what is hanging over my head right now. I wish things were different and I could be out there doing something, what I’m doing now never seems enough.

If we were “having” coffee I would try to change the subject from what we were just talking about 😂 and I would tell you that I have tickets to see a couple of things this year! I’m going to see Noel Gallagher and in August I’m going to see Britney Spears and her support act is Pitbull! With the card I got for Christmas I’m still hoping on going to see Cirque du Soleil but it’s not set in stone yet alongside thinking of going to see Hudson Taylor next month 😆 Are there any events on your calendar you’re looking forward to? 🎤

Thank you for reading! 😉 If we were “having” coffee what would you tell me before we’re kicked out because it’s obvious I’m not “having” coffee? 😂 Hope you’re having a lovely day! ❤


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