The last stage of a memory

I am terrible for not remembering the good things that happen

yet a part of a memory will always linger

a feeling that cannot be described.

It is different for each memory

Bringing on an inside smile.

Laughing with loved ones

Sitting in a room with a time lapse frame of mind

I stayed somewhere so different from where I am now.

Dreams were made off of these memories

and any attempts at a repeat are of a want to have that feeling forever.

In the moment it is made you can sense it

but you don’t know to what extent your heart will later ache for it to return.

My heart beats beside me and time is trying to catch up with it

I live for the moment that it does.

I can see it in my dreams

a memory is resurfacing

I can feel it

I will work towards it.

Living after it is made is the last stage of a memory

it is crucial in making them the everlasting kind.

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have a lovely day ❤


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