Bomb Cosmetics: Flock Star bath bomb review!

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I’m going to be reviewing the “Flock Star” bath bomb by Bomb Cosmetics and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you on it! This was the first bomb I tried out of the variety I received as gifts in my what I got for Christmas and December favourite’s posts and so I knew straight away it would be the first to be reviewed. I’m so happy that I wrote down the experience I had with this particular bath bomb after I used it as I would not for the life of me be able to remember what it was like had I not done so! 😓😂 I will start by describing the fragrance, appearance and experience and then I will release the verdict so here we go! 😂


The bomb smelt so flowery and calming! Before, during and after the bath the aroma did not fade (much to the annoyance of my family after a while 😂). It had an undertone of talcum powder alongside the flower that wasn’t overpowering yet was still a dominant scent that marked the bomb as unique.


The bomb was pink and showcased a carefully placed flamingo seated upon light blue frosting out of which blue glitter cascaded 😍. It was both eye-catching and festive!

Once it was placed in the bath the water began to transform into a gentle creamy pink shade (that was barely visible) and the blue glitter spread out.

I will treasure the GIF’s I make of bath bombs forever, I find them so calming to look back on 🤗😂

As you can see in the animation above, the colour of the bomb was not clear once it was in the water but I didn’t mind this at all as the scent and texture it gave the water was heavenly and more than made up for it!


The bomb left the water silky immediately and was incredibly soothing and relaxing. The glitter which I mentioned above had spread out, clung to everything as well as my body and I had to save the rubber duck that came in the set alongside the bomb as you couldn’t even make out what it was anymore 😂 I was later informed that the glitter was supposed to do this and had cleansing properties for skin and later dissolved into it making it smooth and soft. Beforehand I had been worried about using this bomb as I get sore/dry skin (especially after baths because of my Raynaud’s) but this one didn’t have any after effects at all for me and was in fact gentle on sensitive skin due to the Shea butter within it 😄.


This was the perfect bath bomb (and I don’t even think I’m saying that too soon seeing as I haven’t even gotten halfway through trying the others I received yet! 😂). I was left feeling tired and ready for bed which was my hopeful reasoning behind having the bath with it in the first place and so it did not disappoint! I was gone as soon as my head hit my pillow 😂 I would definitely recommended this bomb to everyone and anyone (especially if you enjoy having baths before you sleep like me! 😂). I get the feeling that once I finish using my other bath bombs (this will be a while as I’m saving each one so it’ll last 😂) Flock Star will become a firm favourite and be my go to bath bomb!

Thank you for reading this review! 😉 have you tried this bomb before/would you try it? Let me know and have a beautiful day! ❤


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