If we were “having” coffee #3 ☕ *Study Edition*

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I thought we could have another of our meetups where I secretly smell coffee (because I don’t like the taste) whilst pretend to be “having” it so as to not arouse suspicion and be kicked out of the cafe! 😂 This was going to be like our usual random chats about everything and anything that’s going on but then I realized I only really have course related news to share at the moment what with my getting back into my home book keeping and accounts course a couple of days ago so I decided to make this into a study edition! 📚 Seeing as we will be deep in discussion no one will notice that I’m not drinking my coffee so I see this as a win win situation! 😂 So in the cosiest nook of a cafe we are “having” coffee and….

I would firstly order a chocolate eclair 😋 and I wouldn’t back down until you get a treat too as how often do we get to have our meetings anyway!? 😂🤗🍩

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you about how nervous I was to get back into doing my course after Christmas! The worry stemmed from a variety of things: whether or not I could resume my previous routine (as haphazard as it was with flare-ups 😂), if I’d completely forgotten topics/maths formulas and even just asking myself if I was good enough. I don’t know if I told you before but after I sent off the first assignment for correction it came back marked 100%! I was and am still in shock. It’s like its not real and I immediately set to on finding reasons against just being proud of myself. I feel like it’s a home course and that it’s not up to par compared to going to college even though I can’t get out to do that and I’m working towards the same/a similar qualification, I don’t know 🙁 (this chat just got deep! 🙈😂). 

After starting studying the other day I surprised myself by remembering difficult things and being able to pick up from where I left it. I’m working on the next assignment that will be sent off (every second one is handed in and this is the 4th so the second one to go!) and after 3 days I completed the draft of the first long question and put it away. This for me means that I was happy with what I’d done and was able to stop (as I usually keep going and feel worse in the long run) and I honestly felt so happy in that moment, like I was in control for once and so without a doubt I can tell you that my studying is in a good place at the moment! 

If we were “having” coffee I would love to know how you’re finding getting back into a routine in the new year (whether it be life/work/school)?

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you how difficult I find it to describe work to family/friends! I mean it isn’t difficult to explain it to my mum as she used to be a book keeper so she is familiar with the ledgers and such but the other day my friend asked me what it is about and I froze! 😂 I couldn’t even remember the names of different accounts and managed to blurt out something about how I find calculating VAT hard 🙈 I felt so silly and like it came across as if I don’t do anything when in reality my course work is an important part of my day (alongside blogging of course! 😂) and I work hard whilst enjoying it. I think this is just an overall part of my shyness in conversations (I babble a little now when I used to just keep my mouth shut so things are improving 😂) and I still get a scared whilst having them. 

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you how genuinely fantastic it feels to get things out of my mind about studying right now! It puts things into perspective for me as I have a lot to write about on the subject and that forces home the fact that I’m achieving something when I never take the time to process the things I achieve and so end up thinking they are non-existent when they’re really not.

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that unlike past me, I am beginning to love maths! 😂 I think because it’s a thing that you have to do when you’re younger it’s very easy to hate it. I guess my opinion of maths really changed when I started doing business for my leaving cert as a replacement subject when I became homeschooled and ended up getting an A2 in my leaving cert after less than 10 classes with another tutor and not having taken it as a subject in my junior cert. Upon realising I missed the challenge after my exam and making the jump of a link between the two subjects (maths and business) when starting my course after the trouble I had with attempting going into college I really like it now! 📐 (And not just because it’s allowed me to use that emoji! 😂). I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again for good measure 😂, with maths a problem is there waiting to be figured out, it can be solved and when it is you’re given one of the greatest senses of achievement…that is until something goes wrong (I set myself up for food ole failure most of the time in the form of knowing when to call it a day so it’s grand 😂).

If we were “having” coffee I would love to hear what your favourite subject at school was/is? Mine varied as I enjoyed English (mainly poetry/stories) but I LOVED Art until I was no longer able to do it. I had moments when I loved Home Ec and times when I went between liking the theory and practial (never the two at the same time 😂) I got my highest mark (A1) in my geography exam when in the months leading up to it I was hit with a severe case of wanderlust that has still not left and was fascinated by every aspect of it and Google was my friend as I couldn’t get out to actually see the places 😂 and then Business at the very end led me to where I am now.

If we were “having” coffee I would remind myself about the study area I’m trying to put together (so there are no distractions at my desk) and I would ask you what you would recommend I surround myself with whilst I work? Recently I thought a candle would be a good idea but everytime I go up to my room I forget to bring a lighter and by then I think there’s no point and I just get stuck into studying 😂 do you think it sounds like I’m just looking for more things to distract myself with?…me too! 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉❤ What would you tell me if we were “having” coffee? Hope you have a lovely day beyond the cafe! 😂


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