December Favourite’s

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I’m going to share my December favourites with you! I worry this post will be a bit nostalgic seeing as it’s my last monthly favourites from 2017 😔….actually no! I love writing favourites whether they be the end or the beginning of the end! 😐👊😂 What is most peculiar about writing this post is how at the beginning of almost all my monthly favourites throughout 2017 I mentioned how fast the year was going by and now it’s over! I can’t get my head around it 😌 

Anywho! 🙈😂 Throughout December I gathered a list of things that were obvious favourites and so I would love to share them with you! Seeing as we’re a little way into January I already have two favourites for this month and so it’s going to be a struggle not to tell you about them here! 😣 I mustn’t let last year collide with this year or something very dangerous might happen 😯..😮..😂 Here are my December favourites!

Bomb Cosmetics gift set from my sister!

In order to celebrate my one year blogiversary last month my sister surprised me with this early Christmas present! 🤗💕 She selected 3 soaps (Kiwi, Tropical fruit and dead sea salt), 3 mini star bath fizzers and 3 bath bombs (Flock Star, Pool Party and I believe in unicorns) and a little duck! I’m honestly lost for words, they all smell so lovely and are unique treats. I am hoping to review these alongside the bath bombs and other products I received around the Christmas period 😆

McVitie’s Choc Winter orange slices

These were the ultimate treat to have whilst watching festive movies last month! (Alongside Kipling Gingerbread swirl biscuits that I didn’t get to take a picture of because they were demolished 😋😂). These biscuit slices were infused with orange which blended in perfectly with the oats and milk chocolate. They reminded me of the Costa orange hot chocolate drink I was addicted to back when I started blogging in December 2016 that I didn’t manage to get this time round (although I heard rumours that the orange hot chocolate has been discontinued, please tell me that’s not true!? 😦).

Snow Bears Documentary

I watched this on BBC one (I think it was on Boxing Day) and it was so hypnotizingly beautiful that I couldn’t not have it down as a favourite! The documentary followed a mother polar bear and her two Cubs on the 400 mile journey they took from their birth place to the ice surrounding the North Pole which the mother knew would be a safer environment for her cubs. 

There was one part where a male bear saw the family as an easy target and so attempted to ambush them. He followed them up a steep mountain but at the last second he couldn’t find a ridge to climb up onto and he slipped. The mother bear (from the top of the mountain) threw snow down onto the intruders face so as to increase his chance of a much heavier fall and it was hilarious watching his decent further down the mountain away from his prey 😂 Throughout the documentary you couldn’t help but cheer on the mother and her babies on their trek and feel joy when they finally made it to their destination as along the way we were let in on many incredible moments of strength, braveness, smartness and the unbreakable bond between the family.

Christmas! 🎄

I was going to just say Christmas day but all of the days surrounding it deserve to be accounted for too don’t they? (Well not all of them as Christmas started bloody early! Just the ones that were valid…y’know in December 😂). There were so many favourites that centred around Christmas but I will just share a few with you as the list would be endless: 

• 12 day’s of Xmas in order to celebrate my one year blogiversary! You can find all of those posts HERE!

• Festive Fairy light box lyrics on Twitter where I shared a Christmas song lyric everyday in December! You can find all of them HERE as I rounded them up at the very end for 12 days of Xmas.

• What i got for Christmas can’t not be a favourite as I love everything and am incredibly grateful for it!

• Christmas cake! 😋 Do you remember the cake I made with the mix on day 10 of 12 days of Xmas? Heres a yummy picture of how it turned out once it was unwrapped!

It was really nice! I don’t know if it’s gotten me into having cakes but it marked the occasion of Christmas day and everyone had a small slice after dinner! 🍰

Welcoming the new year in!

Can this be seen as a December favourite even though it was at the very end of the month and only lasted a short while?….yes, I think it can because I can’t get it put of my head! (And not in a Kylie Minogue way…we’ve been here before 🤔😂). I watched the musicians perform and the countdown on Jools Holland (which is a tradition 😂) and when they all started counting down my mum, dad and I (my sister was out) held hands and it felt so magical seeing the new year in that way. Even if I was feeling down at the time, worrying about 2018 and trying to reflect on 2017 yet not being able to remember any of it! 😂 Since then I have been able to think of a number of things I achieved in 2017 that bring a smile and this magical moment can now be looked back on as a nice one and treasured as a favourite!

Thank you for reading! 😉 Was there anything that stood out as a definite favourite for you in December? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤


    1. They were delicious! 😋 I’m hoping that they won’t be discontinued just because Christmas is over, I don’t think I can wait till next Christmas to have them again 😂. Yeah, they were too cute! It was lovely watching them gain small bits of Independence on the journey. Thank you for reading! 😄❤

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