12 days of Xmas: Day 8 – Snowflakes a poem

Intricate and delicate

Melting as it falls.

Twirling and cascading

goal is to decorate nature’s walls.

Let it land so it has a chance

It won’t be on it’s own you see.

As a tribe they arrive,

they will flourish as snow,

And they’ve never felt more free!

Hi everyone! On today’s day of Xmas I thought I’d share with you a little merry poem about snow! ðŸŽµâ„ Thank you for reading day 8 of 12 days of Xmas! 🎄 Have you seen any snow yet this year? Have a lovely day! 😉❤


  1. Beautiful poem! 🙂 ❤
    We have gotten too much snow for my liking and we are not even through December yet. 😛 However I don't know if it is because I moved last year, but it seems we got snow later this year than most of the time of where I lived before. So that's good, it didn't start until December really. Where I used to live it would snow on halloween and stuff. lol But like I didn't move far away enough I think to make that much of a difference in seasons. Like we still get the rotten cold and a lot of snow. 😛 But it's a bit less north so maybe it is a bit different. It's all new to me really xD

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    1. Thank you!! 😄❤ I wish it would snow where I am like that! Although in hearing that it’s getting to be too much I hope it goes down soon where you are. Wow snow on Halloween? It sounds like the snow doesn’t want to let you go that easily 😂❄

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      1. Lol You say that, but one winter of snow and you will be over it. Snow is beautiful and is fun to play in, but it sucks to walk in when you are just trying to go somewhere, so you are like cold are the time cause the snow makes you wet. Then you have to shovel it constantly driveway, walkways etc. And then if the snow plows don’t plow the roads on time you have to worry about driving in it. However most of the more snowier places here are super prepared for snow. Places that dont get a lot of snow is funny cause they will like cancel school etc after like not even 2 feet of snow and everyone is like wth? It is because they don’t get the heavier snow falls often so equipment and preparation isn’t as good. Here we can get a crap load of snow and no matter what it stll gets all cleaned up and nothing gets cancelled. Lol Not a lot of snow days really. Just depends where you live I guess. Yes where I use to live was eastern Canada and they get A LOT of snow. Brutal cold winters and incredibly humid and hot summers. The last couple winters I spent in Eastern Canada though they got snow in November and stayed until like April or longer, and a lot of snow. But it was even brutal for them. Sometimes just depends on the year. I moved to Michigan USA last June, they knda get similar cold weather but I hear they get less snow. We will see as this is my first winter here and normally January and February is the heart of winter. 😛

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