12 days of Xmas: Day 6 – My Christmas decorations! ðŸŽ„

Hi everyone! On today’s day of Xmas I thought I’d share with you my Christmas decorations and tree! 🎵 (We’ll just pretend that goes with the jingle because in a small way it does! 🙄🙈😂). We’re halfway through 12 days of Xmas! 😬 I’m half excited and half worried that this will be where it all starts to go wrong! 🙈😂 Today I thought I would share my Christmas tree and some decorations with you! (Not all as we are still to wrap holly around the handrail going down the stairs and hang a plaque at the bottom of our staircase that I mention at the end of this post! 😂)🎄.

Almost all of the decorations except the tree are from when i was little as they came over with us from England. Last year we got a new tree after we realized just how old our other tree was getting to be what with my family being tall enough to look down on it 😂 So this will be the second year with our new tree which is coated in light glitter snow and contains acorns! We are grateful it is taller than us too! 😯😂 I think that before we moved over here (almost 14 years ago now! 😵😂) we had a couple of real trees at Christmas but for as long as I can remember we have stuck to the fake ones as they affect my sister’s allergies a great deal less.

We planned on having the tree up on the 1st of December but didn’t get round to doing it until the 6th but better late than never! 😂 It is usually arranged in another corner completely of our sitting room but seeing as I got the fish for my birthday we didn’t want to move them around and so the tree has a new home! 

 The picture doesn’t do it justice, I swear! 😂 In the light it looks a great deal fuller but I like it in the dark with the fairy lights on 😍 We tried sticking to a theme this year of silver, gold and red baubles as well as some red crystal angels that somehow made their way on much to my annoyance 🙄😂. Since this picture was taken it now has crackers in it and it had some chocolate baubles but our dogs kept discreetly going for them 🙈😂 Toby would floss his teeth up against one in particular whenever he walked by it so we removed them all just to be on the safe side! 😂. The heart of our tree is my sister George’s star if you can see it! 🌟💕 that has gone in all of our Christmas trees since before my sister Kate and I were born. It was made by my mum and was first put on the tree when George had her first and only Christmas ❤

Here are some of the ornaments up on our fireplace (two of them are candles that we never lit as they are too pretty to let go 😯😂).

Recently we had this ornament made for George that will most probably sit beside our fish on the unit where our tree used to go and it is so pretty 😍:

We also have a plaque that hangs at the bottom of the staircase that is still to be put up this year if it can be found! (Y’know just to remind you it’s Christmas everytime you exit a room 😐😂). 

Now, I will leave you with a rather creepy looking Santa gnome that is really scaring Toby at the moment! 😂🐕 He watches it everytime he walks by it incase it moves (maybe I added to his fear of it by pretending it could talk yesterday 🤔 but it honestly could have been anything that’s made him avoid it that bit extra 😏😂):

Thank you for reading day 6 of 12 days of Xmas! 🎄 Have you got your decorations up yet? Let me know and have a lovely day! 😉❤


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