Update: Twitter festivities and my disclaimer! â„💻

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I thought I would share with you a festive thing that I am doing on Twitter and an update that I have made to my blog within the last couple of days!  

On the first of December I decided that I would start posting a photo a day on Twitter of a little thing I like to call: festive fairy light box lyrics (You can find me on Twitter, HERE! I worded that wrong as you won’t have to find me now I’ve told you, will you? 🙈😂). Festive fairy light box lyrics is where I share a Christmassy lyric each day up to Christmas day, using my new light box and it’s like a musical advent calendar that will hopefully make you sing a tune to yourself! 🎵 I would love if you could go check them out! Feel free to guess what song each lyric is from too! At the end of the month I am planning on gathering all of the pictures up and displaying them together with the names of the songs they came from here on my blog which should be fun if I manage to keep doing it everyday! 😄

Another thing I wanted to let you know about is my blogs Disclaimer Page which I created the other day! I thought it would be wise to have one after I got to thinking about plagiarism in my post HERE. I feel better in knowing that my conditions are laid out in a simple form and that if anything were to happen I would know that I’m in the right and the beginning steps on my part have already been made in way of defense.

I feel as though I kind off made a post about nothing 🙈 but I wanted to let you know about Festive fairy light box lyrics now instead of in a recap at the end of the month when its over as maybe it will get you excited for the lead up to the big day! 🎄 Also, I realize that my blog isn’t at all Christmassy aside from my Festive fairy light box lyrics at the moment and I have a solid reason for that which will be revealed in due time! (It’s obvious isn’t it? 🙈😂) It’s about Christmas and it will be starting later on in way of celebrating something rather special that I may have mentioned in a recent post and I can’t wait! 😉😂 

Thank you for reading! 😊💕 Have a lovely day!


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