Glass House

That glass house will cook you alive.

Encased in four walls

are four different perspective’s looking in.

Majority judging and always staring,

waiting for your downfall.

Isn’t it their duty,

because of the way it’s been made?

That glass house will cook you alive.

Starting from the outside working it’s way in,

you will finish off the rest.

They come to marvel at how you throw stones yet still it holds up.

Hand you some stones.

The glass has scratches on both sides.

Aren’t you glad you bought that glass?

It didn’t come cheap so why aren’t you happy?

Hi everyone! I hope you’re well! I was planning on uploading a birthday post today but I had a bad flare up yesterday and couldn’t get up the stairs to take pictures šŸ™ˆ so instead I thought I would share this poem that I’ve wanted to post for a while. It came pouring out of my mind after I thought of the title a couple of days ago. Yesterday I realized parts of it can be connected to a lot more than I would have thought when I wrote it so I will leave it open to your interpretation as that is the beautiful thing about poems (if this can be called one! šŸ˜‚) they mean different things to different people.

Thank you for reading! šŸ˜‰šŸ’— Have a lovely day!


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