Counting down

When the line between land and sky is unrecognizable,

the pale seems to provide no end.

When it is raining itself away,

falling from the mould of which it grew.

When the sky is home to the brightest thing alive,

there is no shortage of jealously,

to touch it, be like it

When enemies go to war to fight the frost clouding vision,

It grows knowing when it will have to leave.

Winter, Autumn, Summer and spring.

It is snowing in our winter

The leaves are dying in your fall

Shining sun when we look at their summer

New beginnings for all we have lost in Spring.

When we ask where the sun went with closed eyes,

It is night so sleep.

And when it it is any of the above depending on time not choice,

It is day, wait and see. 

Hi everyone! Yesterday I spent time with my friend who I haven’t seen in ages and we had a lovely day together! Near the end of my visit I felt unwell with a horrible flare up of a migraine and instead of keeping it to myself (like I usually do as I always think it will ruin moments that are fun and it’s embarrassing to admit whilst not with family/away from home) I let her know about it and she looked after me and told me later on that I shouldn’t feel embarrassed as she knows I would do the same for her. This made me feel more confident admitting how I feel with my pain and not just hiding it, in the long run making it worse for myself. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have this person as a friend πŸ’—. It made me think of this poem I wrote a while ago about change (not only as seasons go by) and how much of it happens right under our noses. Good and bad we are all growing even if it doesn’t feel like it at all it can happen when we least expect it (which is the nicest way as then you can come to terms with the differences compared to before and find the good in them). 

Thank you for reading! πŸ˜‰πŸ’— Hope your day is as amazing as you!


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