Update: Ending a series

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I wanted to let you know that I will not be continuing my usual “blog posts I loved in (previous month)” series anymore and why this is. I thought it would be best I tell you instead of just stopping it and never mentioning why. The series started back in May (with a gap in August as I was away and didn’t want it to be rushed so replaced it) and although that only means a post a month as you well know there’s a lot that goes on behind each post on a blog and this one had worry overshadowing it.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed writing all but the last one when I started to feel like the series was putting a strain on how I view nearly every post in my reader and making me analyse them so as to always have something for the post to be based on. It made me constantly worry that I should find post’s to share and not just enjoy them so I feel that in stopping the series a blogging weight has been lifted as this was all meant to be fun and the massive amount of work that goes into blogging is part of that fun, but this wasn’t. 

It’s been a worry that I saw was time to put an end to once it counteracted with big worries away from my blog that niggle at the front of my mind and whereas I can’t stop them, I can this, so I’m going to because it needs to realize it’s small fry up against them 😂. I’ve been feeling really down lately and I’m not entirely sure why but I’m guessing it’s just one of those times when I realize how much my health impacts how I live my life and it saddens me so I am trying to lighten the load in the areas I can and change things that bring me down as it’s the last way I want to feel when my pain flares up a different way everyday, I want to stay positive. Although I hate the idea of giving up an aspect of something I love, I have to look past that to the reasons as to why I’m doing it (it’s not like I’m giving up blogging! I need to calm it here 😂). I always try to stick to things but I realize now that I’m at ease knowing I have control over my blog as it’s an escape from my health which I have no control over. I’m happy that I shared this update with you and an aspect of blogging that was somewhat making me struggle a little but now blogging peace has been restored! 😂 

Thank you for reading! 😉💗  Emojis broke into the end of this post, I couldn’t help myself 🙈😂  Have a lovely day!


  1. I totally understand. In fact pretty sure most bloggers will. Xx glad your still going to continue blogging xx I understand as I have been back from Europe now for 2 months and I haven’t even begun the blog on the actual holiday except for the flights. Xx

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