October Favourite’s!

Hi everyone! How are you today? With October drawing to a close I have decided to reflect on my favourites hoping that they will take my mind off the fact that I’m sad to see the month go! 😂 For me it’s different than the other months because my birthday is in the beginning of November and I will be turning 19 😬 I’ve only just calmed myself down about this and now it’s only around the corner! Somebody somewhere is playing a sick game with time 😂 but like I said, favourites make it all better because they hold memories of a month that may have gone by quickly but can be remembered whenever I read back/write these posts! So let’s get to it! 

The pointless book

I’ve had the first pointless book for a long time but after buying it I didn’t want to ruin it 🙈 (I can’t even bring myself to draw in a book that wants me to 😂) but when I was stuck inside because of hurricane Ophelia I finally brought myself to write in it in a moment of pure boredom and it’s so much fun seeing it fill up! I was absorbed in it for ages and completely understand what Alfie meant in writing “be proud of doing nothing” in the book 🙈😂 I’m wishing for the second and third books alongside wreck this journal for my birthday but I may just have to buy them beforehand! 😂

Bed socks

On the first day that we felt the force of the hurricane my mum gave my sister and I each a pack of bedsocks! (that I had been staring daggers at in the shop days before 😂). Mum had gotten them for us and then forgotten about them until the perfect time for them! We were worried that we wouldn’t sleep because of the monstrous sounds coming from all corners of the house but with a pair of the socks on (each pack had two pairs) I was gone from the world all night (I honestly slept better through the storm than I usually do! 😂).

Cute pens!

My mum bought my sister and I each a pack of these cute pens to say she was proud of us in our studies and they are so pretty! 😍 I’m happy they are ink pens so they are different from the usual Bic pens I write with and so words just flow out onto the page. My pens are the “inspiration” theme (my mum said she thought of this blog 💗) and I think my sister’s were to do with “coffee” as she loves the stuff with a passion! ☕

The curious case of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon 

I had to take a front facing picture of this book to show you the state it’s in 😂 This month I both started and finished “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time” and it was amazingly poignant and I’m so happy I read it after it being on my bookshelf for ages. I bought it years ago and the person who had it before me cut out a chunk of the cover and both tore out and wrote on blank pages inside it (they wrote Chinese takeaway orders 😂) but that didn’t ruin reading it all! The story follows Christopher Boone who has Asperger’s syndrome as he goes on an adventure to find out who killed his neighbors dog. I loved seeing the world through Christopher’s eyes and came away from those pages feeling like I’d gone on a journey too. 

Half gold glasses

My sister was given a box of two of these half golden glasses and they are gorgeous! 😍 I didn’t realize that the picture looks like the reflection of the glass is showing the mess of real life hidden in a pretty photo 🙈😂 The glasses have an autumnal feel to them yet I feel like they will be in their element in winter as we get closer to Christmas! 🎄

Toby growling at a paused TV screen 

My smallest dog Toby always barks at a TV if the screen is paused on a face that looks like it’s angry at him 😂 earlier this month I caught one of these moments on video for the first time! He doesn’t realize people on the TV aren’t in the room judging him, he just jumps straight to conclusions and it’s hilarious! I couldn’t not have one of these captured moments as a favourite! 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Are you doing anything for Halloween? My mum and I are watching movies tonight as my sister and dad are going to see Hall and Oates live (The times gone back today so does that mean we get to watch an extra movie? 🙈😂) Plus I have a Halloween DIY post going up the day after tomorrow (the 31st), until then have a lovely day! 😄🎃


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