Live it

Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life.

They will only walk away

leave you to clean up the mess 

you didnt create.

Battle scars

Inside and out 

Seen to it by you and them

None chosen

Yet survived.

People can be pain personified  

or they can just be a person

Nothing hidden

it all hurts. 

You are the only one in your way

If you listen to what they say.

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 I’m sorry that I haven’t replied to recent comments (thank you so much for them! 💗xx) I am still without electricity/signal because of hurricane Ophelia so although my phone will show me comments every so often I cannot load them to reply so it is a strike of luck if this post goes up but I will try anyway! There is a corner in my room that gets little bouts of signal and allowed me to upload my last post 😂 although where I am the storm has calmed down that may not be the case for many people (especially with hurricane/storm Brian coming on Saturday which although is not expected to be half as bad as Ophelia is still worrying) l I hope you are all okay and safe too! We have gotten our generator working so as to pump water back into our house as that stopped with the power going and I was able to plug my phone in so as to type this for a while 😂 today’s job for me is to empty out the fridge and freezers as everything is melting 😥 hope to speak to you soon again! Have a lovely day!


  1. Great poem! I can tell this subject really means something to you. Always remember that you are loved. You are beautiful and amazing. Here is a quote I have discovered this week:
    “I believe that we are more talented, worthy, and capable than we think we are” – anonymous
    Have a GREAT week!
    -The Lupine


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