Hurricane Ophelia Update

Hi everyone! I hope you’re well and safe! This is just a quick update as I have to save the battery on my phone because the electricity has gone due to the horrible weather. Ireland has well and truly been hit by hurricane Ophelia since yesterday and it is terrifying. I cannot imagine what the people who don’t have shelter are going through right now (I’ve heard that people have taken it upon themselves to open up centres for homeless people which within all of this chaos is a beautiful act of kindness). As far as I know, 3 people have passed away and a teenager is missing (but I am have not been updated since yesterday before the electricity). The tree’s have all been shaken dry and the weakest have dislodged themselves from the ground completely. I’ve never heard our house whistling and creaking so much like it was about to take off. Powerful air is forcing itself down the chimney and making it bulge out like it’s going to explode (so we’re not entirely save inside either). Toby (our smallest dog) is taking turns spending time on everyone’s lap as he doesn’t want to be alone. A large banging sound came from the fireplace and twice he started choking with shock in my arms before he jumped down and was sick (after that he slept the rest of the day with Ruby (our Labrador) and they were fine, although they did not enjoy being let out to wee incase they took off like Mary Poppins 🙈😂).

When we still had signal my sister showed me videos of airplanes and trucks moving by themselves and the news of a stadium roof falling down and it’s all so scary. We’ve put away everything that could be of danger in our garden.

Yesterday everyone all over ireland was told to stay inside and not travel yet some ignored this and there have been car crashes (my sister saw a beaten up car being towed past our house) and people are risking not only their own lives as they stand on the edges of cliffs/do extreme sports but they are putting Marines who try to save them in harm’s way too. I think that in our area the worst of it has passed (although there is news of a second storm coming our way) and we have been informed that we should get power back in a week or so. We have our camp stove going so we aren’t going to starve 😂 My sister and I sat surrounded by candles playing chess (which we’ve only just learnt, we’ve been told by the time power comes back we will probably be masters of chess 🙈😂) yesterday evening and had a tin of quality street sweets (that we’re going to be for Christmas 😂) by our side! 😋 

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Im sad to say that it’s looking like I won’t get a post up every second day like I usually do (it’s a wonder if this post will get to you at all as signal is horrific 😂) But to let you know anyway that I will be back as soon as I can. whatever you do if the storm is in your area do as you are told and stay inside until it passes! That’s all we can do for now and stay calm as the strength of the wind is getting less and will be gone soon. have as lovely as day as possible! 💗


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