Living a half life: Living with an Undiagnosed Chronic Illness

Living a half life


Yet even

Injected with necessities

All that I know

Scarce of normality.

Living a half life


Yet loved

By those I’ve held on to

Before this started

So long ago

The clutch is invisible

Wish I could see it

Wish I could learn it

Introduce unfamiliarity.

Hi everyone! How are you today? I wrote this last night when I felt like everything I usually push to the back of my mind in the day came rushing forward and hit home. It is about shyness (social anxiety in the past) and how chronic pain stops me from being able to get through it and so nothing changes and I feel like I live a half life stuck inside. I wish I could meet new people and I always feel embarrassed to say that. I’ve started my home course and I’m happy with how the work is going but I don’t feel like anything I ever do is good enough because its nothing compared to the life I would be living if I wasn’t unwell but then I can’t say that because I would still be shy so I don’t know. I was nervous to post this here but then I thought maybe some of you can relate and the slight possibility of that made me share it with you.

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Have a lovely day! 


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