🍁 What I love about Autumn! ðŸ‚

Hi everyone! How are you today? I hope you’re well and safe 💗 As I write this I am snuggled up in my jumper (that I waited so long to be able to wear again 😂) with a hot water bottle and a mug of hot chocolate by my side ☕ (bliss! 😋) I am ready for this post with every fiber of my being! (Sounds lovely doesn’t it? 😐😂). Even just thinking of all the little things that club together to make up autumn makes me feel excited about all that is still to come so let’s get into it! 😄 (I understand that it’s not autumn yet for some of you but I’ll try my best to get you in the mood for when it is!) Here are the things I love about Autumn! 🍁

The change in weather! 🍃

After a hot summer I built up an appreciation of the non-existent cold weather and now it’s here (even though it came early) I am in my element 😂 This is the weather that you can choose to avoid by wearing warm clothes or enjoy the breeze! unlike hot weather where nothing fully relieves you of the heat so you have to live with it…. in a way you’re given a choice of what you want I guess 😐😂 I love that being in-between summer and winter we are in a sort of transition where it’s not too hot or cold it’s just right 😂 plus I love falling asleep listening to the wind whistling outside 😴

Wearing comfy jumpers/hoodies 🤗

In my summer bucket list revisited post I told you that I had rediscovered all of the warm clothes I packed away when spring/summer started at the back of my wardrobe and I was shocked by what I had forgotten about 😂 there’s a couple of jumpers that I got too late earlier this year and so only got to wear once or twice and am treasuring now! 😂 Their warm Autumn/winter colours are so soothing. Jumpers/hoodies have always been my favourite things to wear and I feel more confident and like me when I’m in them so cold weather brings a new leash of life! 😂

The leaves! 🍁🍂

Fallen leaves in autumn are more predictable than snow in winter (because that hasn’t happened here in years! 😂) I can trust autumn! Everything looks so mystical and enchanting! you could almost do that scene out of The sound of music where she’s like a spinning top on the mountain if it wasn’t kind of unnecessary 🤔 as the leaves aren’t spiraling down around you (that would be AMAZING) they’ve just fallen to the ground 😂

How it gets darker earlier in the evenings! 🌌

I prefer it getting darker earlier on than staying lighter outside (like it did in the summer) so I cannot wait for this to fully start! The time I went to my part time evening course I would walk out in the dark afterwards and it was so peaceful and magical! I love both this and breathing in cold fresh air in the early mornings 😍 In these moments I’m not going to lie, I feel alive 🙈😂 and buzzing with the underlying energy that only the pitch-black night and air can provide 😂

Halloween! 👻👹

Usually the only thing that I definitely do on Halloween is watch scary movies (notice how I didn’t say horror? I wouldn’t go that far 😂) but this year I want to get more into the spirit of things and enjoy some Halloween treats 🍬🍭 my sister is going to be making some “disguised nice” food later this month on her YouTube channel! 😆 (She has gotten back into making videos recently after a break and would love if you could check her channel out HERE through one of her latest videos!) I might even take a trip to TKmaxx and buy a halloween decoration…what’s that?…it doesn’t come as a surprise to you because it sounds like I live in Tkmaxx?😐…thats cold! And I love it! 😂 Because the cold means…..

We’re getting closer to Christmas! 🎅❄

The amount of times I’ve said this! 😂 But it’s true! I’ve already gotten a present for my sister and stored it away in my wardrobe (I hope I don’t forget about it 😬😂), my wardrobe seems to become a haven for forgotten things these days 😂

After all this, what I love the most about Autumn has to be cuddling up in my duvet with a good book/blog! And if my smallest dog Toby decides to join me that would be nice too! Although I highly doubt it as he would want my full attention and glare at the book/blog until he gets it…we’ve created a little monster just in time for Halloween! 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 I would love to know what you love about Autumn! Have an amazing day!

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