My Summer Bucket List Revisited! 🌱…🍂

Hi everyone! How are you today? Back in June I posted my summer bucket list and promised I would be back after my holiday to give you an update on how many things I accomplished on it…It felt kind of nostalgic looking back on my summer goals as I can remember sitting and writing them, I had no idea how much fun I would have! I know that summer is still going strong for some of you 😂 but here where I live in Ireland it is well and truly gone! 😄…I’m happy because I’m prepared! 😂 I found all of the clothes that I packed away when spring/summer started 🙈😂  it was like an early Christmas finding them at the back of my wardrobe! Long story short I forgot what I actually had in there! 😂 I won’t be doing a autumn/winter clothing haul that’s for sure! 😬 I don’t think the floor could handle the weight, we’re worried enough about my bookcases as it is 🙈😂 anywho! Here are the things I hoped I would do this summer + my updates! (This post is a short one today as I’m having a flare-up 🙁 but it keeps me feeling positive looking back on my bucket list and seeing how I fared 😬😂).

Go to the beach more than once!

Okay! So I got to the beach twice…but I didn’t set foot on it 🙄😂 I made it to the sandy wooden walkway leading down there so I could take some pictures and say I had achieved half a goal HERE 🙈😂 but does that happening twice puzzle together to make a full goal? 😏 

Take more selfies!

I arrived back home from my holiday with loads of pictures taken with my family and I’m sooo happy 😄 memories are shadowed with one of us saying “let’s take a photo” so they can now be remembered forever! 😂 For my sister’s 21st birthday on Monday I got her a frame that holds 4 photos of us together too! (I also bought her the “alien” perfume by Thierry Mugler but I’m gonna go out on a whim and say she was more appreciative of the pictures! 👍😂).

Go in the garden and for walks up the road!

I managed to go in the garden with my oldest dog ruby and at one point I made it into a habit of going out there everyday until my body couldn’t handle it anymore which annoyed me a lot but I’m glad I got out there as much as I did. I didn’t go for walks up my own road but whilst on holiday my sister and I would walk up the road to the shops from our cousins house 😂

Get out and do stuff!

I can’t clearly remember previous summers 😂 but I’d say that this summer I experienced a lot more fun things! I went to two different arcades a handful of times (one time being HERE), had days out whilst on holiday in the UK HERE and HERE and I spent a load of days with my friend who had come down from her college for the summer break 😄 

Make a vision board!

This is a goal my friend and I tried to attempt 😂 but the magazines I have (that I was going to throw away so went to some good use! 😂) didnt have anything we wanted to make a collage out of in them. I suppose a good idea would have been to buy a home style magazine beforehand! 🤔😂

Have a picnic!

We had many mini picnics in the car whilst on day trips to see places but not a full on picnic! 😂 It wasn’t on the cards at all (meaning I completely forgot about it! 😂) If we had ended up having one in the end I highly doubt it would have involved a wicker basket and pasta like my goal wanted it to anyway as trying to explain my vision of the perfect picnic would have been WEIRD 😂

Get my ears pierced….again! 😂

I didn’t get my ears pierced but I remember this not being a big deal on my bucket list anyway 😂…to be honest I don’t think I want to get my ears pierced again as I would only just forget to put in earings like last time and recently I’ve been seeing someone have trouble with a piercing and if I’m honest it’s just putting me off 🙈😂😬 I’ll think about it!

Go to a car boot sale!

Does an indoor market count? Because in there was where we got the bakery treats that I showed you in my July Favourite’s post 😋 I could do with a raspberry pavlova right about NOW (the “now” is supposed to trigger a magic trick where the Pavlova miraculously appears right in front of me but it’s not working…how strange! 🤔😐😑😂). 

Overall I’m pleased (and slightly amused) about how my goals worked out 😂 I think the best thing for me to do was to forget about this list of goals as then in the end I accomplished the ones I deep down wanted the most (if I’m making any sense? 🙈😂) The goals that did not work out as well can still be done when it’s not summer but the ones I really wanted like (pictures of memories and time spent with my friend) happened and that makes me so happy! 😄 I got pictures printed out and am looking around for a large frame at the moment to showcase in my room! (TKmaxx here I come! 😏😂)

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 How did your summer goals turn out? Have a lovely day!


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