You will keep going

You think that

When the time comes

The time that you

Have been longing for

You will be happy?


Have reached that point of realization

The one you feel must be there?

Well no

When you arrive at your destination

You won’t unpack 

Hi everyone! How are you? Okay so this isn’t the usual happyness I display on my blog but it is the truthfulness I always want to have on here. Whenever I have set myself goals to work towards in the past and I overcome them I seldom rejoice in that moment (if that makes any sense?) I automatically find myself setting a new goal to put my mind towards and it’s like I haven’t achieved anything as I don’t put time towards patting myself on the back I just move on and continue to doubt my abilities. This can be viewed in a good way in that it is brilliant to have goals to work for but at the same time it’s like I don’t “unpack” when I reach my target if only for a few seconds. I like to keep busy when I can and get things done before I have a flare up but shouldnt this make me see more why I need to start noticing when I do achieve stuff? The fact that I try my best to use my time wisely​ when I’m not at my worst should make me proud yet it rarely does as I feel like the things I do will never be good enough as they are small compared to some people’s daily happenings. I don’t like how it sounds like a label but the only way I can describe this is by using the term “spoonie”. The small amount of things I can get done in the timeframe my body allows me should not be ignored​ by me, I should acknowledge them as they keep me feeling like I’m not giving into my pain.

If you can relate then I think we should pause and just allow ourselves to feel the strength we gain from doing what we at one point thought was impossible. 

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Have a lovely day! 

This is a scheduled post as I am on holiday which you can read more about HERE


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