My Money Saving Tips! ðŸ’°

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I am going to share with you my money saving tips! I have always been pretty good at saving money and I was tested with this holiday coming up for sure! 😂 I wanted to buy essentials to pack away but also remind myself that I have what I really need to keep me going over there so that I can still get souvenirs! 😂 These tips are what works for me in saving my money:

Keep a money box!

I have a large minion savings jar at the back of my wardrobe that I have started adding brown coins to 😂 how I see it is: if you only put cents in then you won’t feel the urge to take them back out. If I were to put a euro in there I would feel the need to take it back out but brown coins have to be changed up so you might as well store them away until you can change them over when they build up to become useful.

Keep note of cash withdrawals and expenses!

I once withdrew a small sum of money from the bank whilst doing some Christmas shopping and came back home later that day wondering what one of the notes had been spent on, of course it was Christmas so it could have gone on any gift but I was pretty sure I hadn’t spent it and it should have been left over. I went through receipts that showed no history of spending it and was unsure as to whether the full amount had even come out of the bank. To this day I am unsure where that note went 😂 but since then I have always kept track of everything I take out of the bank by writing it down on a notepad and I feel in control of it all (because nothing like that has ever happened again 😂) and have cut down in places that aren’t worth it. If you find you are unsure what you are spending your money on as well you can also write down what you spent and where.

Bring a clutch purse instead of a large wallet!

When I lost the note I mentioned above I used to carry a clutch purse and the incident made me change over to wallets as before I found that it was difficult to distinguish what exactly you are handing over when money is bunched up in a small purse and it is less likely to get lost.

Arrange your cash separately in your purse so it is not easily attainable!

In your wallet separate the coins from the notes so that the coins are easier to reach and will be used up quicker than notes as change can be annoying (but it can fill up your money box! 😂).

Know what you want!

Before you set foot out of your house in the morning or anywhere before you go off to shop, make sure you have a clear idea in your head of what you intend to buy. I’m assuming you are trying to save money by reading this post 😂 so you’ve tallied up what you have/what you don’t have and out of the things you don’t have: the things you need. The things you need should always come before the things you want…I know it’s difficult! 😔😂 But you’ll thank yourself later if you are saving up for something special!

Only withdraw what you need!

Only take out of your account what covers the things you plan on buying. Don’t pick a high amount just because you know it’s in there and will save you coming back the next time you go shopping because there won’t be a next time 😂 it will all be long gone and probably not well spent when you look back on it later! 😂

Ignore “sale” signs/stickers!

    Okay so this last one looks a bit random but it is one of the most important (and I love consumer studies! 😂). IGNORE (to an extent of course, there might be something good 😂) anything that says “sale” upon first walking into a shop. Businesses that place items at the front of the shop on sale are only doing so to catch your attention and persuade you to buy something that 10 seconds ago was useless to you (now you can think of a billion uses for it…not uses! Excuses! 😂). As soon as one item goes in your basket so will a host of other things throughout the rest of the shop because you don’t want to miss out on more amazing deals 😂. If you’re going to get a sale item get it if you can’t stop thinking about it just as you get to the till because if you really want it you won’t mind going all the way back to get it and losing your place in the line (oh I’m evil! 😂).

    Thank you for reading! 😉💗 I hope you find these tips helpful! Have you got any tips to save money? Tell me in the comments! Have a lovely day!

    This is a scheduled post as I am on holiday which you can read more about HERE

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    1. These are such great tips! I’ve been trying to ignore sale signs, but sometimes they get the best of me. Keeping track of all withdrawals is such a good idea. I usually forget what I spend my money on, so this would be helpful to do!

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