July Favourite’s!

Hi everyone! How are you? Last month I started my series of monthly favourites (HERE) and now I’m back with more! 😂 Surprisingly last month I thought there would be a shortage of things to show you as I had quite a lot of flare ups that stopped me from getting around but they in fact made me notice the things I was loving a lot more as they played equal parts in keeping my spirits up so I am delighted to show you them all! 😄

Beauty and the beast pajamas from Penney’s! 😍

My sister got me these beauty and the beast pajamas on a day I planned to go shopping with her and her friend but ended up not being able to go, she’s a good egg really 😂🤗 (that was the day I wrote about HERE) the top has “sleep like a beauty, snore like a beast” written on it, not that I can relate to that second part! 🙄😂 they are so beautiful and comfy and I love the design on the shorts!

Fan! 😎

My sister’s friend recently went on holiday to Crete and she got me this fan which I am eternally grateful for in this weather 😂(although it’s getting cooler, there has been thunder 😄..yes thunder makes me happy 😂). It came at the right time as I was searching for one the day before! 😂

Lion King pants from Penney’s!

These were another gift from my sister that made me laugh so much. They’re so cute and for some reason they remind me of my little cavachon, Toby, when he’s all innocent begging us to throw one of his toys and then if we don’t he barks at us 😂 Toby is with me in my new profile pic!

I might have scared him a little 🙈😂 I feel so sorry for Toby, he gets anxious when the whole family isn’t at home so with my sister and I away my mum and dad have to spoil him 😂 apparently he’s been sitting on his usual place (the windowsill) waiting for our car to drive back in 🙈😞 he doesn’t want to play or eat because we’re not there and is on edge when he hears a car coming from a mile away. It’s kinda nice to know he does love us though as he dodges our kisses when we are home, Talk about mixed signals! 😂

Emoji sweets

My mum got me these emoji sweets because we keep talking about the emoji movie which we won’t get to see together with me going over to England. These are the sweets of my childhood 😂 little candy matchsticks that are so yummy! (We used to get the Spiderman ones that came with tattoos) In each pack there are emoji stickers as well that I’m trying to persuade myself not to stick on every visible surface 😂as you know I do like to use a good emoji now and then!…😣…😄😂

Eeyore mug from Penney’s

This mug is the last gift from my sister I swear! 😂 It says “my eyes are open but my mind is asleep” which is basically me 24hours of the day, fatigue ridden 😂 everytime I have a tea now I save the teabags as they are supposedly good for mouth ulcers if held against them. I tried it the other day and it numbed the pain for a while, I’m trying everything and anything to make them go away 😂 my immune system needs any help it can get.

Point Horror books 

2 weeks ago my family and I went to a massive charity shop that was the stuff of dreams because there was an entire room that had shelves of books closing in on us (a nice fear! 😂). I managed to find 18 of these Point Horror books and then my sister found another one which is a hardback. My mum and dad were just walking into the shop as I approached the till to pay and I don’t know why I felt so guilty carrying all of those books 🤔😂 as soon as I paid for them (they were a bargain!!) I went back round and dug for more 😂. I finished the one in the photo above “Beach House” the other day and it was AMAZING! the storyline jumped between the 1950s on a beach when a group of teenagers were murdered  and the 90s (which is the authors present time) where two teenagers have gone missing in the same area. I always thought R.L Stine only wrote the Goosebumps series of books so I am overjoyed with his contributions to the collection of books in the series which all have various authors.

Bakery treats! 😋

Last month we went to a market that we hadn’t visited in ages and got 2 boxes of desserts, they were so delicious we went back and got 2 more 🙈😂 from the first lot I picked out a banoffie pie but my dad ate it thinking it was his 🙄😣😂 so I had a donut instead and a cream horn. The donut dough had a slight custard tang to it and a thick layer of melted milk chocolate covered with a dark chocolate rock hard layer. From the second visit I finally got my banoffie! 😂 and 2 raspberry pavlovas that came wedged together with cream in the middle and a fresh raspberry ontop, my mum got to the raspberry before I did 🙄 the moral of this story is that I need to speed up! 🤔😂. 

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Have a lovely day! 

This is a scheduled post as I am on holiday which you can read more about HERE


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