Holiday Update! 🏖 + Blog plans! ðŸ˜¬

Hi everyone! How are you? My aunt is coming over from England later today! The plan is that she will stay with us until Sunday and then my sister and I will go back over with her on the boat for two weeks! 😄 I can’t wait!! Over in England we will be staying with my other aunt and our two little cousins who are so cute and allot of fun to be around! Over the two weeks we will visit family on my mum’s side who up until last year we hadn’t seen for over ten years as we couldnt get over to each other for health reasons on both sides 😂 last year was the first time they had seen my sister and I since we were little and it was a day I will never forget. It was so lovely to be with them as we felt like we knew them already. We will also be visiting museums, staying in a hotel the second week down by the beach (so I will accomplish that goal from my summer bucket list post! 😂 Yes it takes me going on holiday to go to the beach even though I live within a 15 minute drive of 1 of the 3 different ones here in my county 🙈😂), visiting Bunny Park (which is where my family used to go every weekend when I was little and we would get lost in the maze and my sister who was 6/7 at the time would guide us out to safety 😂) and allot of other things that I will definitely tell you about when I get back! 

I have scheduled posts to go up every second day at 3pm standard Irish time starting on Sunday the 6th in keeping with my current post dates of every second day so don’t worry I will still be active on here the same as usual in terms of posts! 😄 It will be like I never even left 😂 It was difficult to plan posts but I’m proud of myself for doing it 😂 

I will try my best to reply to all comments at the end of each day as I always look forward to hearing from you! But the thing is I might miss some of your posts 🙁 this makes me really sad but I don’t want to be on my phone all the time and miss out on things unless I’m taking pictures to show you when I get back (I’m already worrying that I won’t be enjoying each moment as I seem to always look to the future and think “I’m having fun but this time next week it will be over” 🙈). I’m still having terrible flare-ups so on most days I probably will be confined to the house and get to spend time on here. If anything out of the ordinary does happen during these scheduled posts going up I may quickly hop on my blog and write up a quick extra post about it if it cannot be left until I get back though! (I can’t help myself! 😂) Regardless of that I am only a email/DM on twitter away and will be here if any of you need to chat! 

At the end of each post that is scheduled to go up (there will be 8 in total starting on the 6th, the last one going up on the 20th) I have written a mini note saying it is scheduled and linked directly to this post so that more of you know what is going on as I don’t want any of you to think I won’t get back to you as I’m usually quickfast replying 😂

Right! So I guess this is it…😭..😂 I can’t wait to make memories and hopefully capture them to keep forever and then run back here after the two weeks are over and tell you all about them! 😂 Because that’s what I will do! There are so many things to look forward to when I get back (when I get back I can say “this time last year when I got home from my holiday I went into my old school the next day to get my exam results!” Time goes by so fast!) but in the meantime this post is basically telling you I prepared some scheduled stuff so that you don’t forget me! 😂 Okay now I’m rambling! Farewell! Well not yet as this will start on Sunday and I still have Fridays’s post to go up before then 🤔😂 just pretend this is it! Bon voyage! 😂

PS. I wasnt able to get into A&E for my ribs but now the mouth ulcers I mentioned before have gotten worse (so much that I can’t open my mouth…some are grateful for the silence 😂) it hurts so much and I found a small lump directly below in my jaw (we think it’s a cyst) which could be my TMJ but it’s strange to have at the same time as it hurts too so I’m going to the dentist on Friday and maybe doctors tomorrow (my GP has gone on holiday so it’s someone else)(and I will add into that days post how it goes). We are hoping to get something for whatever it is before I go over to England as over there they have none of my health records and I would be stuck. The disease the doctors are looking into involves this as one of it’s showing signs amongst my other symptoms so as long as I can let them see it I will be happy before I leave.

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Have a lovely day! 


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