One Day + To do list!

One day

I will come back here

That won’t be there

And that will be worn

I will be new

I will feel old

Thinking today

About​ that day.

One day

I will think about this day.

Looking around

Taking it all in

Stealing these moments

That no one else can have

Putting them away safely

Until one day

Safety will revolve around a new Norm

I don’t think it will be here.

Hi everyone! How are you today? I wrote this one night when I was thinking of my future and how I don’t feel (or hope) that it will be here where I am now. I see it as not only in new surroundings but with a healthier me. I was lightheaded when I wrote this 😂 and it felt good to think of the future whilst being in an okay place right now. Join in and look around you! Take in what you see. Do you think you will ever leave? Did you leave before and and up here? If you leave will you come back if only to see how far you’ve come? 

For now I have made myself a to do list of things I need to get done before I leave for my holiday on Sunday the 6th! I was hoping to start today but I woke up with my ribs hurting so painfully 🙁 so this list will help me remember what needs to be done! 

  1. Tidy my room! My room is a tip! and that’s putting it kindly 😂 I want to tidy my room so I can find more things I intend to take with me over to England. I also need to clean up my desk so that when I get back I won’t have to worry about preparing it for my home course as it will be ready 😄
  2. Get an appointment to see my GP about the different kind of head pain I wrote of HERE, a thing I have been noticing recently where I can’t swallow (the left side of my tongue goes slack and my face goes stiff and it’s scary as I feel like I’m going to choke) and a flare up of mouth ulcers that are really sore 😬 and I have been told before have something to do with the autoimmune disease they are looking into but I haven’t heard from since. I want to get all of this down on record before I leave.
  3. Make my bed! I have bought a new mattress cover so I might as well just change it all over while I’m at it 😂
  4. Clean my suitcase and my holdall! I am using the same two from last year plus a new one. The ones from last year need a bit of a clean as they have been away in storage since then 🙈😂
  5. Continue to write the blog posts I have planned for while I am away and take some photos for my upcoming July Favourite’s post! 
  6. Pack!!! I finished writing this list and sat here for a good ten minutes wondering why it didn’t look right..if the idea of this list is: stuff to get done before I go on holiday, surely “pack” should be the one thing I don’t forget to do! 🙄😂 

PS! Before I go I wanted to let you know that later in the day after I posted my Lottery Tag post my mum and dad won €10 on the lottery!…not exactly the unlimited amount I wrote of 😂 but still a strange thing to happen on the same day! 😵

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 I would love to know your answers to my “one day” questions above! Have a lovely day! 


    1. Thank you so much!! I couldn’t get into my GP in the end so he has told us to go up to A&E on Monday for a scan which I’m nervous about but glad if there is anything new showing it might be found. Have a lovely day 💗

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