The Lottery Tag!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day! Today I am going to do the lottery tag! I was nominated by the amazing Starring Pamela who recently received the news that she has been accepted on to a program at the college she applied for! I absolutely cannot wait to read what she will get up to there later this year!

This tag was created by Natalie Vinh and I love the idea of it in that it gives you a reason to not feel guilty when thinking of the stuff you would want if you were to ever win the lottery! 😂 I am going to follow both her and Pamela’s lead and choose an amount of cash I would win and then split it into three categories of small stuff I would spend it on, big stuff and bigger stuff! 

The sum of cash I choose is…..unlimited.. can I do that? 😂 Or else I fear all the stuff I choose to spend it on will go way over the total and by the end of this post I will be in debt! 😂 even as an imaginary millionaire I would need a bloody budget at that rate 😂.

The small stuff!! 

Books!! This wouldn’t necessarily be a small amount though, I would buy as many books that take my fancy (per visit to the book store 😏). The total this rallies up to would be small stuff compared to what is going down as big stuff, the amount of books however would be bigger stuff 😂

A trampoline! Okay so there is a downside to this one…I’m not allowed on trampolines 🙈😂 I always used to end up unwell with flare-ups after I went on them with friends so in the end I stopped completely. So why do I want one I hope I hear you ask? 😂 I have always wanted a trampoline! 😫 Even just to build up my energy and go on it for 5 minutes or lay on it 😂. When I was little I dreamt of one day opening a trampoline centre…I don’t exactly want to do that anymore but I still yearn for that trampoline! 😂

Take my family on a shopping spree! My mum never really buys anything for herself so I would make sure she can get anything she wants and then we can all go out for a family dinner! 

Stay in a bubble dome hotel! 😍 There is one in a forest so you are staying in a glass room surrounded by tree’s!

The big stuff!

Pay off my parents mortgage so that if we were to ever move back over to England (which is on my bigger stuff list 😂) we would be able to start afresh in terms of payment. 

Redecorate our house and land so that someone will buy our house in the future 🏠 our house is in a beautiful secluded location in the countryside so it hopefully won’t be too difficult to get rid of if we were to ever have it in top condition (and actually be ready to leave it 😂).

Take my family on a cruise around the world. That is a cruise right? Where it stops off at destinations and you go on an adventure there before hopping back on and continuing your travels! 

Travel around Ireland staying in hotels and B&B’s seeing all the sites! I also want to stay in a B&B near where I live with my sister so that we can be like tourists in our home 😂 and get up early and go down to the shops as soon as they open! 

The Bigger stuff!

If we were to ever move back to England I would get us a nice house not where we used to live but somewhere in close distance of other family members. 

I would donate to charity organisation’s that are close to my heart (especially ones that have helped out my family in the past) like the IKA (Irish Kidney Association) who don’t receive any money from the government and keep going off of donations. They helped us through my mum’s illness and were a place to stay through it and a countless number of others. 

Thank you so much Natalie for creating this amazing tag and Pamela for nominating me! 😄

I nominate (you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to)


My Thoughts

Girl Enters 

Annie Xia

Living Life Online 

And anyone else who would like to do this award! Tag me if you do as I would love to come and be nosy​! 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? Have a lovely day!


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