900+ Followers!! + Promote your blog!

Hi everyone!! How are you?….notice the double exclamation mark on “everyone“? I hardly ever do that…wondering why it’s there now?…you’ve seen the title so you’ll know I am incredibly EXCITED!! 😂 There are over 900 of you! And I cannot believe it! THANK YOU SO MUCH, you are truly amazing!! Thank you for reading/liking/commenting on my posts! I love hearing from you…only I could make that sound creepy 😂. 

Blogging has been a great experience and the community on here has by far made it what it is!! This has been such a positive journey for me. It has helped me so much with my illness in being an escape, a way to speak to others in similar situations and motivate me to keep going strong! 

I wasn’t sure how to celebrate this as I have wanted to do a blogging party for so long, but I probably wouldn’t even be able to stay at the party 🙈 as I can’t be on my phone (where I blog from) all the time in case of a flare up from staring at the bloody screen (life! 😒😂 Explains why I’m always late to them 😂) So instead I thought you could promote your blogs!! (Not random thinking at all 😂) I love finding new blogs and I’m sure you do too (almost as much as gaining some new readers…am I right? 😉😂) so here are the rules in order to participate!:

  1. Introduce yourself in the comments and give a short description about your blog including a link.
  2. Then check out each other’s blogs and if you enjoy them: follow,like and/or comment. 
  3. If someone likes/follows or comments on your blog, go to their’s and do the same! 

Just like a blogging party, there are no latecomers so don’t think you’ve missed out and cannot take part! Feel free to share this post on social media so there’s a chance more people will see your amazing blogs and you can discover theirs! I am on Twitter HERE and will have a link pinned to the top of my account that I would appreciate if you could retweet! 

This is kind of like a blogging party but without the cake 🍰😂…..😐……HAVE FUN?! 😂 is that even possible without cake? 😰 Yes! (And I’m not being biased just because I rarely eat cake 🙄😂) I hope you discover some great blogs and gain some new readers in the process! 

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Have a lovely day!


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