Big News! Decisions and an unexpected break is over!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well! I wrote this post a couple of days ago so at the end I have an update on what’s going on.

This month I have a big decision to make (big for me as I hate to admit my health has gotten the better of me once again). I have to decide whether or not to return to start a part time course in college or start an online course. I know deep down the decision has already been made and an online course is the best option for me.

This time last year I thought I could do a full-time course which was silly of me to think after homeschool I could just jump back into it. After realising my mistake I transferred to a part-time course and was reminded of how little control I have over my health. Going into college and being alert/interacting for hours was debilitating. I was left unable to function and then I would get up and do it again as I so wanted to have a normal life and be a normal teenager for once. What I was doing was not okay for my illness. I was causing myself unnecessary pain and I felt like I had failed and that my body was truly against me (i still feel this way but at least I’m no longer adding to it). I needed to remember that there are ways around everything, just like homeschooling was.

This resulted in an unforeseen break. An unexpected gap year that has given me time to think things through and remind myself of my limits. In this time I started my blog! Now things are leaning towards an online course. The only thing I have against this is the no social aspect but I know that it’s about the work. It may sound strange but I love to learn 😂 I like to keep busy and have things to be confused over and focus on that don’t relate to my health situation 😂 I’ve wanted to do a business course for a long time now since discovering it in my last year of secondary school (I took under 10 classes and received A2 in my leaving cert! 😂) and have mentioned it on here as being one of my Goals to study more about it. 

Well……..(here comes the update/big news I mentioned on my last post!)….I have enrolled on a home/online Business course!!! It is a bookkeeping and accounts course and after all the worry I had about the cons that come along with it, I am incredibly excited!! 😂😄 I cannot explain how long I have wanted to learn again, my brain can’t handle doing nothing 😂 it is a correspondence course so the work will be sent out to me in September after my holiday in August! It’s really strange how everything was pointing to yes in how accommodating this college is and that the payment date was the 3rd of July and I was thinking “oh I’m too late then” and I went on their site and it said the date had been extended until the 4th! (I swear it did not say that before! 😂). Also when I started my homeschooling the year before last (I think 🤔 time went on forever 😂) this college was one of the first that my sister contacted for me and got a prospectus and leaflets sent out!! (Maybe I’m looking too much into it 😂 but it’s like we started here and somewhere in between I lost sight of what I was capable of and now we’ve come back to it 😂). 

I was twice let down (with full-time and part-time) and the lesson I have learned is that I am not a normal person (what is normal? 😂) and I cannot do things other 18 year olds do everyday (don’t mind me, just trying to ingrain this into my brain and face the facts 😂). As of now this is the best option for me. Maybe next year things will be different and I will be able to try a part-time course again! One thing I know for sure is that I am taking as much control of my life as I can and moving forwards. I am determined to keep it that way! 😂

I am accomplishing my goals in different ways than I expected but they are happening! 😂 And like before when I passed my driver’s theory (another goal 😂) I am so so happy that I can share this with you! 

PS tomorrow is my mum’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😂 to the strongest, loveliest person i know who has been through so much and gives the best hugs 😂 we are lucky she is still with us and I cannot imagine it being any other way.  I love you more than life itself 💗xxxx tomorrow is also my cousin’s birthday whom we will be lighting a candle for 💛xxxx

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Have a lovely day!


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