June Favourites!

Hi everyone! How is your day going? After your lovely comments on my blog update! + need your help I decided I would go ahead and write this, my first ever monthly favourites post! There were quite a few things that I will remember June for and I can’t wait to share them with you so let’s get straight to it! 👇😂 (Can you tell how excited I am!? 😂). 

My new duvet cover! 😍..đŸ˜Ș😮

I am madly in love with my new duvet cover! It has helped me get back into sleeping and decreased those random thoughts 😂 (thinking is easier than sleeping đŸ˜Ș×💡20). I bought it in Penney’s and it was the only one I could find that was not too colourful so suited my claret red headboard (sounds like a strange combination but it goes incredibly well 😂). It has dream catchers with multicolored feathers all over it and a tie dye design on the back so it feels like two covers in one! It was €16 (for a double) and feels like the ultimate summer cover. 

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass 📕

I got this book as a treat for passing my driver’s theory at the end of May and started it last month. I’m taking my time reading it half through choice and half not. I look forward to it at the end of my day when I’m snuggled under my new duvet cover 😂 but most of the time I don’t get to read it as I have to go straight to sleep when I’m unwell, but I am really enjoying what I have read so far and truly feel like I escape into a new world and live through the character when I get into it! 

Johnson’s face care moisturising wipes

Early on last month I ran out of my Freederm facial moisturiser that I mentioned I use every morning in my products i use for clear skin post and my mum got me these wipes as she and my sister have been using them to remove their make-up. Even though I don’t wear make-up (I can’t be the only 18 year old who doesn’t 🙈😂) I find these wipes to be incredibly beneficial for my dry/sensitive skin and they leave my face glowing. They were €2 for 25 wipes and I am still working my way through my first pack (I have a new pack ready to take with me to England next month!).

David and Goliath t-shirt from TKmaxx

As soon as I saw this t-shirt in TKmaxx I knew I wanted to buy it! 😂 I love wearing shirts that have something written on them as they make me happy! and it was only €9, that made me happy too 😂 


I told you about my trip to the arcade at the end of last month on my health update & a summer goal and a half post and I cannot leave it out of my favourites! 😂 It felt like I was on holiday 🙈 well summer is a holiday but it felt like overseas as going there was new territory for me 😂. I was supposed to go again today but it’s that time of the month 🙈…🙄…😂, This time next month I will be getting ready to go on holiday so hopefully I don’t start on the boat!! 😬 That would be hell 😰😂….anywho! I veered away from the arcade a bit didn’t I? 😂 We are going to try go again at the end of this week!

Hair clasp from Claire’s accessories

This hair clasp is so pretty! 😍 I got it for €5 in Claire’s and I’m not entirely proud of that price but it’s so shiny (I must sound like one of those birds that hoards shiny objects for the sake of it 😂). I have been trying to learn how to braid my hair (I got a book called “braid it” and it has so many amazing styles) and thought the clasp would in some way add to the look 🙄 …yeah I just bought it because it’s shiny 😂.

Grey supersoft throw from Penney’s

I got this throw to use as a backdrop for blog photos! (Like some of the above). It was only €5 (that makes the hair clasp look even worse in price considering this is more worth it 😬😂) and it’s so big! It’s that material that is easy to hate where you swipe one way and it resembles nails on a chalkboard…..😂 

Wooden heart fairy lights

These fairy lights were a gift from my sister for my 16th birthday (she designed a whole corner of my room and these were put around a mirror she got me alongside a writing desk and trinkets! That was a special birthday…I cried when she showed me it all 😂). They are so beautiful and add a magical touch to blog photos. 

Before I go I want to tell you that I entered the V by Very Blog Awards Ireland!! The site updated so I just went for it and my blog is currently being checked by their team! I will let you know as soon as anything happens in regards to votes 😄 thank you for giving me the courage to enter! 💗

I also have some big news to tell you in my next post on Friday!! Until then…

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 What were your June favourite’s? Let me know in the comments! Have a lovely day! 


    1. Thank you so much!! It was so much fun! I went again today and they were opening up some new gaming machines but we left before they started them so I can’t stop thinking about what they might be 😂💗

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