Thinking is easier than sleeping ðŸ˜ªÃ—💡20!

Hi everyone! How is your weekend going? Before I start this post I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who liked/commented on my last post Waiting: Living with an Undiagnosed Chronic Illness!! I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your kindness and how much of a relief it was to get it out and know that some of you can relate and I didn’t end up making you feel uncomfortable as that is not what I want! And I was worried that was how it would be, but I always underestimate how lovely you are. If there was a trace of nervousness before I wrote that post (there was allot 😂) it is all gone now! Well, until I build up the courage to write about it again 😂. I did not plan on writing that post as much as I usually do so the words just came flowing out and I think that’s better then me trying to force them for the sake of hopefully spreading awareness so thank you for your kind words that I will admit made me cry xxxx.

    On with the post! 😂 Recently I have not been sleeping well and my mind is overloaded with random thoughts, so instead of doing a post asking for help (which would be greatly appreciated! 😂) I thought I would give you an insight into what these random thoughts are. The idea for this came from the amazing My Life Online’s post Sleep Deprived Thoughts (which I thought was so relatable and funny! You should check it out if you haven’t already (do it again! 😂) I love her thoughts posts!) And she kindly allowed me to do my own version of it! So here it goes (there are 20 thoughts in total in case the title is confusing 😂).

    • Remind me again why I feel the need to keep scissors in nearly every drawer in my room, including my bedside cabinet? 😨
    • Why didn’t I go to bed earlier?..oh wait..I did..I just chose to pick up my notebook instead of sleep 🙄
    • I feel like I’ve drunk a pint of coffee and I don’t even like the taste of coffee…the smell on the other hand 😏..wait, did I inhale too much coffee? Can that keep you awake?
    • I’d sleep through a nightmare right now.
    • My books need organizing…should I do it?…No! Try to sleep…if you get out of bed you might notice the state your room is in and feel the need to tidy that too 😬
    • Why is there a button in my mouth?😕…if I can’t even make my bloody bed properly how do I expect myself to sleep in it!? 
    • Let’s all get out of bed and applaud the dogs marvelous tap dancing routine 👏
    • Nooo don’t think of the dogs!! (Then I’ll think of my dog Alex who we had to rehome Saying Goodbye)(and tired me will wallow in that for abit 😂 when I’m awake I’m okay with it as shes with a nice family…tired me, hates happiness! 😂)
    • It’s too hot! *Removes the covers* it’s too cold! I’m too bloody young for this! 😲..oh wait…maybe it’s just the hot water bottle 😐…Well I for one think a celebration is in order! 😂
    • Did I shut the living room windows?…I should go check… *Halfway out of bed* No! Sleep!! *Lays back down* if someone burgles our house it’s all my fault *out of bed* what if I wake the dogs? 😇….what if we get robbed? 👿 *Later back in bed* I told you they were closed! And now the dogs hate you! Nice job! 👏…..😭
    • Why do I talk to myself so much?…does that make me an inside extrovert? 
    • Count sheep! I can’t picture stuff in my head when I’m tired you know that! 😤 *Eyes scrunched closed* I see a blob of cotton wool with sticks for arms…there’s another one!…look they’re shaking hands!!…I give up! 😑
    • Whoops! I forgot take off my socks again…but what if someone tickles my feet? 😓 Or I forget they’re off and go toilet?..the floor is freezing!! 😬
    • What is that dot on the ceiling?…it’s really bothering me…I can’t be asked to investigate, I’ll just stare at it and see if it goes away…(wanna know a secret? It never does!).
    • Glow in the dark stickers would look cool up there…I’ll just Google them and see how much they are…No!! Don’t you dare bring a phone into this mess!!! 
    • My phone is next to me, my phone is next to me, my phone is next to me. I haven’t been on it all day but oddly enough I want it now. *Trying to not pick it up* hi phone 👋😃 *shows signs of so much desperation that phone takes pity and a notification responds*
    • Close your eyes!!…make a wish, count to three…COME WITH ME!…why am I bloody singing!!! 😰
    • *Puts phone in drawer* I feel so strong right now 😄
    • I can do anything…until morning..then life will hit you hard.
    • Fighting strong urges to pick up MP3 and listen to Hedley-Anything and then sneak downstairs and barricade myself in the living room to watch Charlie and the chocolate factory 😣😂

        The sleeping started when my mind shut up! 😂 In the end I got to sleep through reciting times tables 🙈😂 it actually worked but it was way into the morning so I need to think of a way to tire myself out. Im more tired in the day than I am at night and only really get a good sleep when I’m not well as my body is exhausted, I need to channel that exhaustion 😂 as I don’t think I can hack my random thoughts any longer 😂. 

        Thank you for reading! 😉💗 How do you get a good night’s sleep? Have a lovely day! 


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