Manchester 💗

Hi everyone! How are you today? I’ve been wanting to write a post about this since I heard about the terrible attack on Monday evening but I could not find the words. The heartbreaking loss of life and cause of so much pain has not at all driven us apart as humans, it has brought us even closer together, stronger than ever. This was shown in the many people that helped save lives that night. We are the real people. The ones who not only have hearts as organs but hearts in our souls! It is by no means anyone’s fault but that horrible man who for whatever reason (there is no real reason behind something like this, only hate) felt he had the right to do something so horrendous. It is scary to think that there has been and always will be sickening people in the world, but the good overpowers them all. Always remember that there are more kind than evil. It’s just that kindness mostly goes unrecognized as the human behind the act only wants happiness for others and not themselves. Cruel acts seem to overshadow them as they affect others life’s. All we can do is pray for and send love to the many that were affected, those at the concert including Ariana Grande herself (who should in no way feel as if she is to blame and is braving a return trip to Manchester soon), those who are hurt, those who passed away, family and friends, whole communities and the world of kind hearts. We must help spread the images on social media of those still missing since the attack, they must not be forgotten as this certainly hasn’t and won’t be. The world can be a sick place, but that should by no means stop us from staying united. I know so many things like this have happened in many countries and it is difficult to think why. But we all know there is no sane reason why. If we knew how some people think, we would be in trouble ourselves! These words don’t feel like they are enough, I could speak for days and it would be the same. Sending love and hope to the families affected, some of the bravest people alive 💗



Thank you for reading! 💗 Have a lovely day.


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