The Cramm Award!

Hi everyone! How are you today? I was nominated to do this award by two amazing bloggers, Gracie Chick and Azra! Gracie’s most recent post is an incredible intro to her novel (that I absolutely cannot wait to read more of!) Check it out here and prepare to be left wanting to read more! 😂. I am addicted to Azra’s blog and i don’t even wear makeup! 😂 (I want to start wearing stuff to make my eyebrows darker though 🙄😂) I love to see what she is reviewing and I am always guaranteed a relaxing read! My favourite post of hers is her Morning routine. This award was created by Liv, a young blogger who started the website, TheCramm, which makes all that is going on right now in the world’s current affairs allot more understandable to read and follow.

Rules of the award:

  • Include a bit about who created this award (with a link to the website).
  • Mention the person who nominated you.
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog.
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog. 
  • Share one thing you hope to do to improve the world.
  • Answer your challenge question.
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a cool challenge question.

3 things that motivate me to blog are:

  1. Feeling like I am a part of something! Something fun, engaging and meaningful hidden in one word, Blogging! 😂😄 
  2. The possibility of making someone smile through my writing! 
  3. The confidence I feel it gives me to put myself out there doing what I love which is writing! 

3 people who inspire me to blog are:

  1. My family! The people who know me best and encourage me to be me! My mum gave me the boost of confidence I needed in order to start my blog 💗
  2. Fellow bloggers! 😯😂 Who make me feel like I am part of a community, inspire me with their posts and make me into a fan of theirs without even knowing it! 
  3. Readers of my blog! Which includes the above 😂 I am incredibly grateful to anyone who reads my posts and hope they give you the same joy that I feel in writing them! You are awesome! (I never say that so you must be! 😂) I am in awe of you all!

One thing I hope to do to improve the world:

Spread awareness about Undiagnosed Chronic Illness’s. There isn’t anyone for me to look to or up to when it comes to being undiagnosed for so many years so I see it as: if I can’t find someone, I should try my very best to be that person for other people so they are not alone in their predicament like I sometimes feel. I don’t talk about it as much as I would like to but sometimes all you can try to do is stay positive and i like to keep my blog that place for anyone who is going through any type of pain, both mental or physical. I can’t make it stop for you but hopefully I can take your mind off it for awhile. I would love to make you feel good about yourself, if only for a few seconds of my rambling 😂

Gracie’s challenge question: if you could team up with someone to create a movement for change, who would it be, why would it be them and what would your movement focus on?

I choose you Gracie! 😂 The change would be to eliminate stereotypical views aimed at our generation and give us a voice through the medium of writing. In today’s world there is allot of darkness and just as you and your blog are a light in the darkness I reckon the opinions and views of our generation would be able to shed a little light on what needs to be done in the world to make things better and how it can be done. 

Azra’s challenge question: what is your best quality that people notice immediately when they meet you?

I’m gonna to go out on a whim and say my smile. When I catch people staring at me, I smile at them and they smile back like they were unsure of me before 😂 either that or they look away like “damn it I was staring at that person and they noticed” 😂 

Challenge question for nominees:

If  you could choose one thing that you would like to be different in your life or in the world itself this time next year, what would you choose?

I nominate:

Anyone who has not done this award before or anyone who would like to do it again and answer my challenge question. Come forth or step forth or come forward! (I don’t know which one to use so i’ll use em all 😂) take your pick and comment it below and you are automatically nominated! Can you tell I’m tired today? 😂
Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Have a lovely day! 


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