Life doesn’t go on here: πŸ’— (in the heart)

It goes on with ⏰ (time)

Is it 50/50 in that there are equal parts love and time involved?

Or is one more involved than the other?

Within the πŸ’— there are memories, grief, longing, dreams and so much more.

Or is that up here: πŸ‘€, in the head?

Life takes its toll on the heart as time goes by and we get older

It is obvious that the two long to be apart when moving forward.

But it is not a choice.

The πŸ’— wishes to stay behind in the past or in the moment

And ⏰ ticks along heartily, but with no outward showing heart 

We believe time is a thief

Because it has an inwards facing heart.

And we cannot see it

It wants for us to move on in life. To heal.

With each tick or tock 

Its heart is made of a man-made material.

Time is bursting with love.

Not the kind of love we appreciate when we think healing involves a day of talking or resting.

When we couldn’t be more wrong.

Time spaces it out so that we can look back and analyze our road to discovery 

To where we are today

To where we will be in years to come. 

So that we are not stuck in a bad time forever.

At one point ⏰ joins forces with the πŸ’— 

And something amazing happens

Within every human being 

For a few seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months or years you feel at peace. 

Neither πŸ’— or ⏰ is against you

They never were

They just needed eachother in order for the moving on to take place. 

⏰’s man-made heart does not compare to the human πŸ’— 

Made without us knowing 

Without our eagle eyes watching it’s growth.

⏰ Needed to realize this

The πŸ’— needed to remember that it took ⏰ to develop and it will never stop needing ⏰ to grow.

They work together with no ulterior motive in mind.

Just you. 

Thank you for reading! πŸ˜‰πŸ’— Have a lovely day! 


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