🌻 Love yourself 💗

Hi everyone! I wrote this yesterday when my migraine from Wednesday was still going strong. I find that after my worst bouts of pain everything seems brighter and more beautiful. I still can’t lift my head but I feel happy because I can hear a bird chirping..The fact that the bird has been chirping for well over half an hour doesn’t annoy me 😂 These moments I feel are perfect for me as they are few and far in-between, but I don’t think many people experience them. I hope not because that would mean they feel the excruciating pain I do, and I wouldn’t wish that upon anybody. It’s nice to be able to realize something so peaceful after so much pain. Right now I feel like I’m living in a daze. I have strong moments of realisation where the world looks colourful after pain. My pain masks everything that is beautiful until it wears off and I am in awe of life. I can’t describe it well, as you can tell 😂 I thought of this and let it pour out of my mind. I hope you like it!

Love every little thing about yourself. Every little insecurity. As they make you who you are. They make you human. You have to learn to love yourself in order to change the things that you think you hate. About yourself and others. There may be things you see in others that make you hate yourself. Things you hate about others that mirror your own hidden imperfections. Or things that you hate about others for a justified reason. Love the way your mind operates. Allow changes to be made when your best interests are at heart.

 No one is perfect. Perfection itself is a glitch in time. Unbeknown to everyone but the beholder. If you think something is perfect, it may not be the same for others. Your version of perfect mirrors your personality, not others. Some may find fault in your perfect, some might love it, others might love it’s outward appearance but not enjoy the experience and many might just be jealous and need to take the same advice on love. 

If you cannot love yourself, how can the word be used with meaning towards others? You know the difference between vanity and love. To be vain is to be obsessed. To be vain is to know yourself from top to bottom and say “nothing can be taught or changed, I am perfection personified”. Vanity will hurt you. To be loved by yourself is to be comfortable in your own skin. To find fault both physically and mentally and know that there are always things to learn and grow from. 

If you truly love another human being, you love yourself. Portrayal and feeling of love towards another is to believe in yourself. To know that you deserve that love towards another is to love yourself. At times the love that you give others is allot more visible than the love you give yourself. Let the love do a full 360° and find its way back to you 💗

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely day 😉💗 


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