That time I got in a stranger’s car 😬

Hi everyone! I am having one of those times when you remember an embarrassing moment and almost pull back into yourself 😂 the perfect “yeesh!” Moment. The time I am remembering is when I got into a stranger’s car. I can still feel my skin burning like mad remembering it 😂

It was back when I was in primary school and had just gotten picked up by my mum at the end of the day. We parked outside the newsagents around the corner and I went in to get a newspaper (and some sweets I think 🙄😂) this all went smoothly, but when I went back outside I turned right, instead of left in the direction of where mum was parked. I do not know why I did this (in my defense the sun was in my eyes 😎) but I went and got in a car that I thought was ours 😦 It wasn’t the fact that mum wasn’t in the driver’s seat that made me realize I was in the wrong car…no, it was the lunchbox I saw at my feet. I recognized it and it took me a matter of seconds to realize that it belonged to a girl in my class. I’m calling this post “strangers car” though because I didn’t really know the girl, or her family for that matter! The girl was probably watching me from inside the store wondering what I was bloody doing 😂 At this moment, I would like to thank the girl for not confronting me.

 I’m not sure if this was before or after I knocked my head like I mentioned in my Blog-aholic Award Post, but I was pretty much all there 😂 i think the problem was if I was wearing my glasses at the time or not 🤔🙄 

Anyway, back to the memory! I quickly looked up out the driver’s seat window and saw my mum gawping at me, a couple cars away and I jumped out and slowly but casually (🚶👌😑) walked over to my mum. At which point I ran to my passenger side and jumped in (🏃🙎🙅🙈) My mum told me she had watched me walk away from her to another car wondering what I was doing 😂 like I was away with the fairies 😂. I cannot remember what happened after that 🤔 I’ve walked up to allot of cars thinking they were ours (admittedly sometimes they were a completely different colour 🙄😶) but I have never actually gotten in and shut the bloody door behind me like I did then 😟 I’m just glad I got out of their before the girl and her family came back to their car 🙋. Remembering it now, I still have an “uuurrggghh!” at the back of my throat that won’t clear until I “squeeze!!” 😣 And block the memory. There we go…It’s gone! What is this embarrassing moment you speak of? 😮

Thank you for reading! 😂😉💗 Have you ever done something like this before? Please don’t say I’m the only one 😦😂 



  1. I have been in a situation like this before! A couple of years ago, I was leaving Wal-mart and I sat in a car that I thought was mine. Both of our cars were new so we didn’t have any decorations inside. I didn’t realize it until I looked at the mirror noticed it was adjusted too high. I looked around and saw things in the back seat that wasn’t mine. I jumped out and ran to MY car. I felt so embarrassed.

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