That time I got in a stranger’s car 😬

Hi everyone! I am having one of those times when you remember an embarrassing moment and almost pull back into yourself 😂 the perfect “yeesh!” Moment. The time I am remembering is when I got into a stranger’s car. I can still feel my skin burning like mad remembering it 😂

It was back when I was in primary school and had just gotten picked up by my mum at the end of the day. We parked outside the newsagents around the corner and I went in to get a newspaper (and some sweets I think 🙄😂) this all went smoothly, but when I went back outside I turned right, instead of left in the direction of where mum was parked. I do not know why I did this (in my defense the sun was in my eyes 😎) but I went and got in a car that I thought was ours 😦 It wasn’t the fact that mum wasn’t in the driver’s seat that made me realize I was in the wrong car…no, it was the lunchbox I saw at my feet. I recognized it and it took me a matter of seconds to realize that it belonged to a girl in my class. I’m calling this post “strangers car” though because I didn’t really know the girl, or her family for that matter! The girl was probably watching me from inside the store wondering what I was bloody doing 😂 At this moment, I would like to thank the girl for not confronting me.

 I’m not sure if this was before or after I knocked my head like I mentioned in my Blog-aholic Award Post, but I was pretty much all there 😂 i think the problem was if I was wearing my glasses at the time or not 🤔🙄 

Anyway, back to the memory! I quickly looked up out the driver’s seat window and saw my mum gawping at me, a couple cars away and I jumped out and slowly but casually (🚶👌😑) walked over to my mum. At which point I ran to my passenger side and jumped in (🏃🙎🙅🙈) My mum told me she had watched me walk away from her to another car wondering what I was doing 😂 like I was away with the fairies 😂. I cannot remember what happened after that 🤔 I’ve walked up to allot of cars thinking they were ours (admittedly sometimes they were a completely different colour 🙄😶) but I have never actually gotten in and shut the bloody door behind me like I did then 😟 I’m just glad I got out of their before the girl and her family came back to their car 🙋. Remembering it now, I still have an “uuurrggghh!” at the back of my throat that won’t clear until I “squeeze!!” 😣 And block the memory. There we go…It’s gone! What is this embarrassing moment you speak of? 😮

Thank you for reading! 😂😉💗 Have you ever done something like this before? Please don’t say I’m the only one 😦😂 


  1. I remember walking to my dad’s car after school and then I went into a completely different black car. I didn’t even realize it! I only noticed when I saw the inside of the car. There were a man and a woman sitting at the front. They spun around to look at me and the man said ‘hi ‘to me. I blushed and apologized and went to my dad’s actual car. He burst out laughing at me as he saw the whole thing unfold! I still feel uncomfortable while typing this…..

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    1. Oh my God, I felt your pain when reading through that! Must have been horrible. The only good thing about it is that we know to check for sure what car we’re getting into in the future 😂 Thank you for sharing your story ❤️


  2. I have been in a situation like this before! A couple of years ago, I was leaving Wal-mart and I sat in a car that I thought was mine. Both of our cars were new so we didn’t have any decorations inside. I didn’t realize it until I looked at the mirror noticed it was adjusted too high. I looked around and saw things in the back seat that wasn’t mine. I jumped out and ran to MY car. I felt so embarrassed.

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