☘For My Sister💚

Hi everyone! Or should I say “Dia dhaoibh!”? It’s saint Patrick’s day! 💚☘Festivals going on around the world look so much fun! Although I don’t get the hype of it all with memorabilia everywhere I look, I do understand the history behind it with remembering saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in ireland. I love how Irish culture is incorporated into the celebration and that people who are irish, of Irish descent or not at all can enjoy it wherever they are in other parts of the world. I admit that I’m not going to any parades even though I live in Ireland 🙄 , I’m wearing green for the occasion! this post isn’t for Saint Patrick’s Day though, It’s for my oldest sister Georgina. 

This day is especially significant for my family because it was the day that my oldest sister Georgina passed away from cot death before I was born. George passed away in the night so tomorrow is special too. If she were still alive today she would be 22 years old. I never knew George but I truly believe that she is looking down on my family and taking care of us all, because sometimes you can just feel it, especially in how past events turned out. My sister Kate and I are both very creative. Kate is crazy about music and I am mad about writing, so I have always wondered if George would have been the artistic sister. Growing up, when asked in school to write about my family (in whatever language) I would always say I have two sisters. Unless it’s legal 😂 why not? George is my sister and will always be part of my family. If anyone were to have looked at my school notes, to them, George might as well have been at home like a normal kid because I never said she wasn’t alive. She was probably doing her homework up in heaven or maybe in our sitting room. I will always say I have two sisters. In primary school someone found out and asked “how did she die” and another person said “you can’t ask that!” To them 😂 but I honestly didn’t mind although I knew it might come across to people that I shouldn’t love her or think about her because I didn’t know her, so I said the truth and dare they tell me otherwise 😂 they were nice about it. So I guess what I’m trying to write is a little letter to her.

Dear George, ours will always be a pure example of “lovestruck” (I don’t know you, but I love you because I feel like I know you). I know that you are with me when I don’t feel well and you were the guardian angel that helped mum get better so that she could stay with us. It must have been tough for you to not say “mum isn’t going to get better” because if it had been true she would probably be up there with you right now and you would get to see eachother. But you made sure that she could stay with us and that in itself says allot about the incredible person you are. Mum is here all because of the miraculous event that we reckon you played a part in. 

You are with us when we are strong, weak, happy and sad (you should start charging us for our troubles.There would be some good money in that 😂 but of course you would insist I get 10% for the idea 😏). You have made us who we are today, The tight nit family who are not afraid to say we love eachother to the moon and back. I like to think that in some alternate dimension you are with us and you, Kate and me are a force to be reckoned with 👊. But I know that in real life, I would probably not be here had you of lived. You were born for a reason. A reason that I don’t want to label but think was to remind us all that there is a heaven and they saw great things for you. Sadly those great things could not be with us and you were taken without warning. Know that you are loved by a close stranger. We love you more than words will ever be able to say and not only on this day, always 💗

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Slan go foill! (goodbye for now!) I’m off to paint my nails green! 😂


  1. This is beautiful😩 so sorry to hear about George😥. Your writing is wonderful and sucha heartfelt message is just so moving I have a tear in my eye❤.

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