Love vs. Sake 

Don’t do things for the sake of it

Give it your All and nothing in-between

Do what you love because you love it

As love can be seen.

So can sake 

It is half and no heart.  

What is the point of sake?

A possibility?

There are more when love is involved.

Do you skydive for the sake of it?

To say that you have done it?

Or do you skydive because you are a thrill seeker?

Because you want to know what the thrill is like

Maybe you already love the thrill 

Have done it before  and are eager for more.

Maybe you just want to know what it’s like.

Follow your love

Find a new love

Follow that love because it feels right

Or have no reason at all…

And live through sake…

Both wandering and wondering.

Thank you for reading! Wherever you are I hope you have a lovely day and find comfort amidst chaos 💗😉


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