Product’s I use for clear skin! ðŸ˜—😑💆

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely day. If not, I like your thinking in escaping into blogs in search of that beautiful smile! 😉 And I hope you find even a fraction of it 💗 I thought I would do this post because I mentioned before on my 10 random things about me post that I don’t wear makeup. I need clear skin to pull off the “I don’t have the patience it takes to apply makeup look” 😂 My skin is very sensitive and dry and some products (most Neutrogena and tea tree) burn like mad 😰😂. I have Raynaud’s (I sound like a bloody health hazard on my blog😂) which is when blood vessels narrow in different weather conditions (that’s the only way I can describe it 😂). This turns my toes and fingers purple and sore to use but also affects my nose and cheeks, turning them red and sore, especially when it is sunny.I wear sunscreen on even mildly sunny days to try escape the flare ups.  So I have to be very careful in using products that are to keep your skin clear but are also for sensitive skin. everyone’s skin is different but I find that the following products really work for me 😄:

1. Freederm Facial Cleanser

I absolutely swear by freederm! I still get the odd spot but not nearly as many as I used to. I used to think that there was something in freederm to make you get spots as soon as you stopped using it, to make you think it worked 😂 when in fact this just goes to show it worked on my skin and keeps the spots at bay if I use it regularly. I use it before I moisturise every morning and on its own in the evening.

2. Garnier soft cleansing lotion: goodbye dry

This lotion is so smooth and soothing to my skin and I love it so much! The bottle in the picture above is nearly empty 😦 I tried to save it but to no avail 😂 I know it’s a make up remover but it was all I could find at the time of wanting a moisturizer and it does the job of making my skin look and feel fresh. it also wakes me up in the mornings as it is such a cold cream which is a bonus 😂.

3. E45 moisturizing lotion

You can feel this taking away the dryness of your skin as soon as it is applied! I really like how it doesn’t have a smell because that would put me off applying as much as I do after my daily freederm usages! 😂 However I do find that for me it doesn’t last as long in keeping my skin not dry as the Garnier cleansing lotion does. 

4. Neutrogena visibly clear rapid clear treatment.

Like I said above, Neutrogena products burn but they do a great job on my skin (most of the time). I only use a little bit of this whenever I do get a spot and within an hour it’s redness is greatly reduced. After that I apply bio oil and that does the trick of getting rid of it. Plus bio oil soothes the skin if any products are damaging (alongside Vaseline!).

5. Boots scar reduction serum

I bought this because of a few scars from childhood battles 😂…you can’t say I didn’t ride my bike when I was well and able 😂. This product does not work well for me on old scars (but my skin colour doesn’t really allow for the complete disapearence of a scar or old spot) bio oil is great for this once again 😂. What I do find this serum works for is spots that have healed over. It is great and makes them unrecognizable! 

6. Neutrogena visibly clear facial wash.

I feel like I should put down a facial wash 😂. This one by Neutrogena once again stings a little for me (then why do you bloody use it? 😂) But it is so relaxing afterwards when washed off with water and (just because I think this word describe’s it perfectly) rejuvenating (get me with the big word 😎😂). 

Thank you for reading! Do you recommend any skincare products for dry/sensitive skin? If so, let me know! 😉💗


    1. Its really good! (Although I seem to have misplaced it since I wrote this post, I wish I knew where it is! 😂) Thank you so much for reading 😊❤️


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