10 songs that captivate me

Hi everyone! It’s difficult to put into words the powerful effect that some songs have. All I can say is listen to them yourself and you might understand. Everyone is different so different songs touch you. For me, it’s the following 10! Check them out if you haven’t already 😊: 

  1. Queen-these are the days of our lives. This song is so beautiful. It’s like Freddie, Brian, John and Roger are looking back on how far they have come together. Accomplishments over regrets. The video for this song has always broken my heart because Freddie Mercury looks so unwell. 
  2. U2 & Mary J Blige-One love. It’s hard not to sing along to this song (or is that just my sister and i? 😂) The lyrics and passion combine and the result is powerful 😁
  3. Hallelujah-Alexandra Burke version.  I will always remember Alexandra singing this upon winning the xfactor. When they say songs can effect people in undescribable ways maybe that explains how my head fizzes when I hear a song like this. I listen to it halfway through because I think that’s when her voice picks up. 
  4. Queen-you take my breath away. I have been in awe of this song since I was a little kid. It makes me feel both happy and sad at the same time. Freddie Mercury’s voice is magnificent (I say that in the present tense because I feel like his is one of the few voices that will live forever😊).  How can a song like this be written? I bet the band fulfilled their dreams of how the song would come across. 
  5. Noah and the whale- L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. This song is incredibly stunning! (I am for sure running out of words to describe my emotions towards these songs😂) I can’t remember when I first heard it but I just sat, listened to it and loved it.
  6. Bastille-warmth. I cannot put into words how happy this song makes me feel 😁 when I went to see Bastille for my birthday last year I was so in awe of them that I cried when they played it…And I don’t usually do that kind of thing 😂.
  7. John Lennon-(Just like) Starting over. This song is so mesmerising. For me it’s a battle between this song and Imagine, but Imagine still makes my list! 😊
  8. John Lennon-Imagine. If I thought I loved this song before, it heightened when they played it at the London 2012 Olympics and almost commemorated it. When I was in school I drew a large poster of John Lennon out of his lyrics to this song. 
  9. David Bowie-starman. Definitely deserves its place on this list as it is so hypnotic.David Bowie has been my sister’s idol since she was a kid so I cannot escape this song, probably wouldn’t want to anyway 😂
  10. Queen-save me. Another Queen song!😂 And rightfully so, it is so ethereal. I am so happy to have seen Brian May live! This song is only one of many that leave me spellbound 😵😂.

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Let me know your opinion of these songs and also what songs captivate you! 



      1. Thank you! That makes me so happy 😊 my ideas come when I least expect them to and I write them down before I start thinking they are silly 😂 I look forward to reading your posts! 😊💗


      1. Forgot about Adele 😂 definitely was magic when she sang “someone like you” at the Brit awards. Famous last words is lovely, my favourite Billy Joel song is “the river of dreams”. Haven’t heard lost boy before, am going to listen to it 😊💗


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