In the middle of the night: written by me

Hi everyone! This post is a short story, I hope you like it 😊

Mia lay facing her window. Every so often a flash of light would appear as a car drove by. Those people weren’t sleeping, at least Mia hoped not. Or else there was bound to be a collision somewhere down the hill. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t sleep. That and her worries for tomorrow. Would it help if everyone else was in a deep slumber? Or would it be scary to think that she is the only person in a conscious state? As her mind fought against sleeping she realised there is no such thing as a witching hour. At least not in the city where she lives. There is always somebody letting it be known that they are awake. Never a magic moment to think that time has stopped, everyone else is asleep and you are the only person that feels alive. The blinds attached to her window are supposed to blackout light but they do the complete opposite. Not wanting her to believe she can change it all. Light must be attracted to the things that try to overshadow it. Mia thinks so as it seems brighter than daytime. She can more than just see the outline of the furniture in her room. She can see the words on the calendar hanging opposite her bed. Words that’s she begs to disappear. As yet another car speeds by Mia sighs and gives up. She turns over onto her side and closes her eyes. She can’t make something happen. Can’t make time stop like she so wishes she could. She can only hold up her end of the bargain and sleep like everyone else.

Thank you for reading πŸ˜‰πŸ’—


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