#2 Mike’s story:written by me.

Hi everyone! This story is a continuation of Kevin’s story! After the lovely comments I received on that story I definitely wanted to put these ideas into action! So I hope this next chapter is enjoyed just as much! Some of you may find this difficult to read so I thank you for reading! 

Mike’s story.    

Any minute now. Any minute now and the doors will open. It’s freezing out here, somehow worse than last night. I look at the clock above the doors. It’s hanging on a thick green wire, looks like someone had a good go at taking it down and lost hope at the last second. I lean in to see that it is 7:58 and remind myself once again “any minute now”. There’s a young girl Infront of me guarding a black sack like her life story is in it…Maybe it is. She looks frantically left and right and then clutches the sack closer. Past her I see an old man watching me, watching the girl. It’s moments like these that remind myself to keep to myself and I look down at my feet.  I’m fairly new to all of this. It’s a wonder I even know about this place. I overheard two guys the other day talking in hushed tones about a place to go to get food in the mornings and afternoons up here in the city. Back then my first thought was “why is it only in the city? What about the rest of us out in the rural areas?”…I have not thought that again since things have gotten so desperate. In fact I’m grateful that I heard those guys when I did as there are no signs of it being here. Although the growing que is a giveaway at times like this. I often think about all of the people who still don’t know about this kitchen. The government are oblivious to those people when they call us a community. They are to all of this. This is as far as you can get from a community. The only people I speak to are the cafeteria staff when I thank them for my meals, the people I tell to “move on” when they threaten to hurt me or try to take my things and the few people who still greet me with a cheery hello when I arrive at work. Not much of a community is it? 

We all watch with anticipation as a shadow arrives on the other side of the door and the day begins once again. As we all pile in and make our way to the counters up front all is eerily quiet. You wouldn’t think it would you? But I guess when the majority are tired, who wants to break the silence and stand out from the bunch? Any more than we do already anyway. Todays breakfast is porridge. Yesterday’s was cornflakes and I slowly woke up to the sound of crunching. I’ve always quite liked porridge so I’m not glaring uneasily at my bowl like a few others are right now. I tuck in and try not to look too exited about this small revelation or else they will think I’ve snuck something in it, like a middle-aged man in the far corner of the kitchen has done. He sways back and forth with every mouthful and chews like a parent teaching a child. I look away. I don’t want to become like him. It’s not like it’s contagious, just scary. I know that sooner rather than later an opportunity will arise where I may not have a choice what with darkness around the corner. I know that I’m going to be fired from my job. I’m a hard worker but it’s not as simple as that. I lost my room at the hostel to a girl who I think was pregnant. I’m fine with that. Pregnant or not I understand why she shouldn’t be on the streets. But with no accommodation I know that no job is next. 

When I finish breakfast I look up again while I prepare myself for the walk to work. The man is now leaning forwards into his bowl. Out of the corner of my eye I see a boy no more than fifteen grinning at the man. I guess it is somewhat comical, but not funny. Nothing to laugh about. I would tell this to the boy if I did not fear the result. I do not feel pity for the man, I feel a connection. As silly as it may sound. He was like me once. I wonder at what point did his life take that turn. And if when I come to that crossroads will I do the same? Will I even have a choice? I get up and leave.

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 If you would like to read more you can find the next chapter HERE. I would love to know what you think in the comments! Have a lovely day!


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