hobbies:list for the new year!

Hi everyone! Looking for a new hobbie or just curious as to why I wrote this post? There were times this year when I thought I didn’t have any hobbies, so when the dreaded question “what are your hobbies?” came up I froze. The first things that came to mind were writing and reading, but when I said these people would look at me like “those aren’t hobbies”. So i had a go at discovering new hobbies. But now I realise that throughout writing this list and trying to do new things writing is my passion. I mean “writing” a damn list should have been my first pointer! But then I love writing lists as well. And it made the year fun learning Italian,how to swim (had to someday!) and starting this blog! I guess what I’m trying to say is that you have to question things you love in order to find whats right for you. So without further ado here’s my possible hobbies list! Enjoy!

1. Writing (go to the top of the class!).   

2. Reading                

3. Singing

4. Painting, sculpting, drawing

5. Photography

6. Listening to music

7.  Dancing

8. Gaming

9. Board games 

10. Playing an instrument

11. Blogging

12. Vlogging

13. Walking/running

14. Yoga

15. Gardening

16. Cooking

17. Make-up/prosthetics/face painting

18. Arts and crafts

19. Travelling/sightseeing

20. Sewing/knitting

21. Sports

22. Shopping

23. Going to events/ festivals

24. Watching movies

25. Learning languages

26. Designing/ fashion/home design

27. Caring for pets 

28. Volunteering 

29. Joining clubs (sports/youth)

30. Making movies/acting 

Thanks for reading! What are your hobbies? 😉


      1. Kayaking can be fun! I usually combine fishing and kayaking and do them both at the same time lol. And you’re very welcome, feel free to check out some of my stuff if you get the chance 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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