Top 5 things that make Xmas!

Hi everyone! It’s Christmas!!! I cannot help but wish you all a fantastic day! Here’s my list of top things that make Christmas!

1. The tree.

Nothing makes me feel more Christmassy  than the warm lights on the tree being on while it’s so cold and windy outside!

2. Mince pies.

I never used to eat mince pies. I have managed to convince myself that I hate dried fruit. But this year something changed and I have been looking for things to make me feel festive and these are definitely one of those things! I can’t believe I never gave mince pies a chance, they are so yummy!

3. The food.

As we speak, my dad is in the kitchen preparing dinner and my sister has already made a Chocolate cake with gingerbread men. I just got a waft of cocoa powder and couldn’t help but smile!

4. The huge bags of sprouts mum got yesterday.

I nearly choked on my gulp when I saw the sprouts. There are eight bags!

5. The people you spend it with!

I couldn’t think of three better people than my mum,dad and sister to spend Christmas with. We always have a laugh! It is definitely the people you spend Christmas with that make it special!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a lovely day!! 😉


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