My top 10 Christmas games!

Hi everyone! For me Christmas time is the only time I can bribe people into playing games. So I have compiled a list of games to take out after dinner when everyone can’t move and really has no choice πŸ˜‰ enjoy!

1. Cluedo.

After a good while of reading some smudged up instructions I realise I have been playing this game wrong the whole time! So it basically feels new to me. I love guessing who the culprit is although it’s not so much fun being kicked out of the game if your guess is wrong. This one’s top of my list so my family better watch out!

2. Uno

This is the one game my sister and I never get bored of. It’s kind of like crazy eights but with a machine that spits out cards. We always forget to shout out “uno!” When we have one card left which leaves us asking “who is the real winner?”

3. Frustration.

This game is very true to its name and has us all hating eachother when we get sent home. The popping dome that shakes the dice sets the mood for a highly competitive race.

4. Last word.

This is not as well known as the others but is still up there with the best of them in my books. One set of cards has letters of the alphabet, whereas another set has random things you must call out according to your alphabet letter. If I get a card that says “girls names” and the letter “a” I would call out “Annie, Angela, Alice, annita”. Sounds easy I hear you say, but not everything is as simple as it seems. The game comes with a buzzer which can go off at any time as everyone races to be the last to call out their collections of words.

5. Charade’s.

I bet most people will be playing charades this Christmas. And no wonder, it really does get everyone laughing. What says Christmas more than a bunch of people making fools of themselves for a fun game? I don’t know but surely it’s the closest thing!

6. Bop it.

Here’s an old one! When was the last time you saw someone play with a bop it? Or maybe you haven’t even heard of it before so I’ll go ahead and describe it. A bop it is a challenge toy that has a voice instructing you to use different parts of it in time. The parts consist of a pulley thing, a flicky thing, a spin thing, a twist thing and a button bop it thing (most understandable description ever huh?). This game is best when played around the table on “pass it” mode.

7. Pictionary.

I find it hilarious watching people guess my scribbled drawings (it’s not so much fun when I don’t understand other people’s drawings) because as you know the object of the majority of these games is winning. Is that not why we play them!?

8. Jenga.

This building blocks game is fun until that one person comes along and pulls out the one block that will put an end to it all. You know who you are.

9. Monopoly.

I have the millionaire version and the bank always goes bankrupt. Leaving everyone to look at me with my money neatly piled up. Let the accusations begin!

10. Find it.

I put this one on my list as I received it as a gift last Christmas so we all sat around the table trying to get the hang of it. This game has a large cylinder with tiny hidden objects encased inside amongst thousands of little beads. The object of the game is to find the things asked of you on cards in the allotted time. More than once have I wanted to smash it open to see what was inside.

Thank you for reading! Comment below What your favourite Christmas game is and have a wonderful day πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you that makes me so happy! I would love to if it wasn’t so soon. I Have only just started blogging and would like to have a few more posts up before doing guest blog’s. Definitely something I would want to do later on though πŸ’—

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    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate that. I love reading your blog its so festive! I showed ur Christmas gingerbread village recipe post to my sister the other day, she’s gonna use the recipe to make gingerbread men. looked so yummy!

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