My top 10 signs of Christmas

Hi everyone! I can’t help but post something festive so I came up with my “Top 10 signs of Christmas”and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Take a break from all of that Merry Madness!

1. Christmas radio stations.

Over here in Ireland there is a radio station called Christmas FM which starts up every year at the end of November. Okay so it plays the Pogues Fairytale of new York on constant rewind which gives you a sense of de-ja vu every three minutes.But you don’t forget it’s Christmas time when your singing along now do you?

2. Costa orange hot chocolate.

I am in love with Costa orange hot chocolate which only comes out at Christmas time. Although last year they didn’t do it which they soon realised caused everyone to not feel that Merry (..probably just me!) and now they have it back again! Along with their black forest hot chocolate, marshmallow hot chocolate and mint hot chocolate, need I say more!?

3. Christmas TV guides.

I get the RTE Christmas TV guide every year in the hope that I will highlight all of the films that I want to watch over the holidays. Obviously I forget how much I dislike ruining the colourful pages!

4. There’s no snow.

Not a speck of it! I’ve come to expect no snow so am quite festive regardless of the fact that it is everywhere you look! on cards, on boxes of chocolates, on wrapping paper, on jumpers….I think it should be replaced with rain. Would sell allot more to be truthful don’t you think?

5. Now’s that’s what I call music have brought out yet another Christmas album with the exact same songs they put on it every other year!

I brought their CD 4 years ago and admit I put it on my mp3 and forgot all about it…until now. You see, I am much more in the Christmas spirit now that Costa have re-introduced orange hot chocolate to my life again.

6. Soppy adverts on the telly

I’m not going to name any names but a dog jumping on a trampoline for some reason made me feel so damn merry…and I do not know why. Same as last year when I felt sorry for the man on the moon (“cough” John Lewis).

7. I have no idea where my stocking is.

I’m sure I knew where it was on the last day of November, but I didn’t need it then did I? I need it now in December so for all I know it’s probably been wrapped up and put under the tree in a half-hearted attempt to have started gift giving, which leads me into my next sign of Christmas….

8. I know what I’m getting everyone but of course I haven’t gotten anything yet.

You know how it is don’t you?…you don’t?..well okay then maybe I should get something before everyone realises I’m not lying, I actually don’t have anything for them.

9. Christmas jumpers.

Okay so I don’t actually wear them but they are everywhere I look so why not put them on the list!

10. Family members are dropping hints on what they want.

I tend to ignore the hints and make out that I didn’t hear them and then surprise them with what they want. But seriously if they want something they should just say it. Sometimes I don’t go through with my plan just to see their reactions.

Thank you for reading!! 

What signs tell you that its Christmas time? 🙂 


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