My first story post! 

Hi everyone! I thought seeing as in my welcome post I explained how I love to write stories that my first proper post should be a story. It’s a fairly short story but you get a jist of what kind of a writer I am. It’s random compared to stories I usually write in that it’s normal life with no magical twists but I really enjoyed writing it! The idea for this story came from an instruction I was given earlier this year in my English exam booklet. I was told to “write a short story in which a central character is either manipulated or manipulative”. So here it goes!

There was no going back now. I crept towards the open window and glanced in. The room was completely empty. I took a deep breath before I slipped in and emptied my mind of all the reasons I shouldn’t be doing this..and the reason I have no choice. How had I gotten myself into this kind of mess? A few feet away stood my answer. The guy waiting for me outside had made me do this that was how. I climbed silently over the sofa blocking my entry into the room and tiptoed over to the glass cabinet in the corner of full of China plates. I prayed that it wasn’t locked and was ashamed at my relief when it opened with a small creak. I would be sure to get it if I went back empty handed. Malcolm would see to it for sure. I was stuck.

I took my chance and grabbed the plates careful not to smash them as I threw them into my backpack. I spared a thought for the owners of this house. The China plates looked like the things my gran collected and rarely let us eat on. When I was finished I made my way back to the window I had come in from. Only to see Malcolm across the road signalling for me to stay in the room.

He obviously thought the plates weren’t enough. I caught a glimpse of his sneer as I turned and quietly made my way into the hallway and through to the next room, a bedroom. At the end of the bed on a desk sits a laptop. I quickly put it into my bag. Malcolm would like that. He might even be grateful enough to leave me alone. Wishful thinking, this was Malcolm Clark. He doesn’t want any of the things I get for him, not even the money he gets for selling them. He wants me to see what he can make me do. How much control he has over me. I pause in my tracks as I hear voices approaching the room. And quickly dive under the bed as an elderly couple enter the room in a frantic search for the missing plates.

I shiver as I hear one of them say “I’ve called the police, they’ll be here any minute”. I contemplate getting out from under the bed but the last thing I want to do is scare them. I’m not that kind of person to do that just to get out of here. I wait until they leave the room and then get up and open the window and climb out.

But I don’t run away. Instead I wait for the police to arrive. Believe me they were just as surprised as I was to find me sitting below the window from which I had escaped. Later when they questioned me I told them the truth. About malcom, about him making me do things, threatening me, sometimes making me feel I was in the wrong…but not anymore. I figured I would get it far worse in the hands of a bully if I had gotten away. I hadn’t gotten nearly as much as Malcolm would have been expecting. At least here I was being given a chance to explain myself. Something I wouldn’t dream of doing to Malcolm. There was a chance of things going back to normal and I clung to it for dear life.

I hope you enjoyed it! 😉 Let me know what you think in the comments and have a lovely day! ❤️



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